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2nd MSRC Assets

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2nd MSRC Assets Empty 2nd MSRC Assets

Post by Vasiil on Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:18 am

Centralized commands are collapsing, many units are left on their own and others are granted emergency powers to achieve ends by any means. The 2nd MSRC must rely on their own gained assets to complete their ends.

SR-1 Frigate SSV Constantinople

2nd MSRC Assets Dc2d585e8a2672ce1667708e99f5c756
The SSV Constantinople is a state of the art stealth cruiser. A second generation SR1 Model, it's capabilities are similar to that of the Normandy in its base model. However, many modifications have been made to the vessel to make it into a much more formidable ship that can rival the SR2 model.

Unshackled AI 'Connie'

2nd MSRC Assets 273-2-1403483451
The very existence of the unshackled AI Connie isn't exactly public knowledge being developed by the top secret Alliance Combat Application and Development Group and makes just one more part of the highly formidable crew of the Constantinople. Hundreds of supporting VI programs allow Connie to perform tasks from ship functions to ground coordination. With the newly developed AI Fragment carrier, Connie is able to make a direct connection to 2nd MSRC ground teams and coordinate them with an 'SOP' program for a short amount of time. She also now possesses a mobile platform based on a Cerberus Infiltration Mech, and has been unshackled by her Commanding Officer so that she may use all possible avenues to combat the Reaper threat and keep her crew alive and well, and the SSV Constantinople functioning.

Awakened Collector 'Krevik'

2nd MSRC Assets MnEyl36
Krevik was once a Collector Captain, leading assaults as a biotic powerhouse. The once-Prothean was captured by Cerberus and experimented on heavily, and freed from Reaper control through unknown means. He now uses his fragmented memories, powerful biotics, and mystical Prothean weaponry against the Reapers in this cycle, in the hopes of avenging his people and righting the wrongs he committed in the enemy's service.

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2nd MSRC Assets Empty Re: 2nd MSRC Assets

Post by Lapis on Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:52 pm

Added Krevik and updated Connie.
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