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Alliance Unit Awards

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Alliance Unit Awards Empty Alliance Unit Awards

Post by Lapis on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:57 am

The Earth Systems Alliance Navy has presented the crew of SSV Constantinople and her compliment of marines with a listing of awards due to their history of valorous service in the face of the enemy.

Combat Action Ribbon awarded for combat against Geth forces
Joint Meritorious Unit Award for cooperation with Hierarchy forces

Navy Unit Commendation awarded for valiant combat against Collector vessel
Navy E Ribbon awarded for first year in continuous service
Alliance Defensive Service medal awarded for valiant combat against Collector forces
Alliance Expeditionary Medal awarded for service in Terminus space

OOC Note:

1. These are not awarded to brand new characters until they meet the criteria of these awards. All old characters will have these awards.

2. The navy unit commendation is a unit award and everyone who comes to the ship gets one, just like the Galactic Unit Citation for the 2nd MSRC.

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