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Logs of Eamon Thatcher

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Logs of Eamon Thatcher Empty Logs of Eamon Thatcher

Post by SlyCoopr on Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:10 pm

Eamon's Personal Logs

Date of Recording: 1/14/2132
"This is Master Sergeant Eamon A. Thatcher of the 1st VIRC. On the date of January fourth, we came into possession of an abundance of information from an ancient relic, so much that it nearly fried the ship's mainframe. Thankfully, it did not, else we be at the mercy of the nearby Drovians. Upon receiving it, I immediately began work to decipher and unlock the secrets within. This proved to be an exhausting effort for myself and the other scientists we had on hand. Trying to decipher an ancient code with nothing to truly have a base to start with was a task that took almost the majority of our time. After finally starting to even comprehend what we were looking into, we ran into several 'firewalls' that we had to break through before getting to what we needed to.

Me and the team are still going through it, trying to find anything we may have missed, but I'll place a list of everything I have found so far in this document.

  • A interesting finding that involves powerful magnetic alloy that I believe can be use to greatly enhance the magnetic weaponry we use. This could increase the stopping power of each round by an incredible amount.
  • What I believe to be a new metal known as 'Infatitium'. I have navpoints at several planets that I strongly believe to have an abundance of this metal.
  • We have also deciphered blueprints for ship armor that is far stronger than our own. It must be built with the Infatitium, so we can not begin to construct any future ships or even upgrade our current ones until we obtain the alloy.
  • Lastly, but probably the most important, I heavily believe that the last navpoint I found is the location of yet another ancient relic. We must obtain this before the Drovians do. These relics are the pathway to making the Commonwealth the Galactic power it must be and with the Drovians also after these, they are an enemy and must be dealt with.
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