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Wilhelm Osborne

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Wilhelm Osborne Empty Wilhelm Osborne

Post by Sargo922 on Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:59 pm

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Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
Wilhelm Osborne 38542ed908f5344a0c52224f882f1a89--liam-neeson-hot-dudes

Name: Wilhelm Osborne
Known Aliases: “Oz”
Gender: Male
Ranking: Sergeant
Religious Preference: Roman Catholic
Homeworld/Province: Earth, Germany
Spoken Language(s): Commonwealth Standard English, German
Service Tag: 65831-22754-WO

Physical Appearance:6’1|Mid-Thirties|Endomorphic Build|Neatly Trimmed Short Black Hair|Green Eyes|Cleanly Shaven|Faint Scarring on left cheek and near left eye|

Vocal Sample: Young Reinhardt from Overwatch


Personnel Military Information.

Training: Commonwealth Basic Training, Commonwealth Marine Operations Training, Commonwealth Vanguard Training, Commonwealth Vanguard Tactical Operator Training
Assignment: 1st VIRC
Operational Status: Active Duty
Previous Service(s): Commonwealth 73rd Marine Regiment
Specialization: Tactical Operator
Abilities: Close Quarters Combatant, Specialized Ammunition
Awards and Decorations: Purple Heart
Battle/Engagement Record: Various Battles in the First Contact War, Various Anti-Piracy Raids
Casualty Classification:
Time In Service(s): 19 Years(6 Years of Training, 13 Years of Service/Medical Recovery)


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance:Commonwealth of Man
Listed Liked Factions:
Listed Disliked Factions:Galkorians
Listed Neutral Factions:
Hostile Factions:

Personal Relationships.









Personal History.

Born in Berlin in 2097, Wilhelm was born to a proud military family that had been serving in the Commonwealth for almost one hundred years, and as such, Wilhelm’s early life consisted of preparation for that life. He went through rigorous physical and mental exercise and training, pushing his body to the very limit and then going back for more at the hard direction of his uncle, a former Commonwealth Drill Instructor.

On his birthday At the age of 18, Wilhelm enlisted with the First Contact War well underway. Thanks to his Uncle, he went through basic training at an extremely rapid rate, earning praise from both Officers and Instructors alike, with Osborne excelling at almost every type of training, however he did struggle with advanced machinery and computers, so opted away from the path of an engineer.

After graduation, he was assigned to the 73rd Marine Regiment, where he fought in several minor battles during the First Contact War, but was mostly assigned to protect convoy routes and deal with piracy that had sprung up during the conflict. During this time, Osborne received a parting gift from a Galkorian ambush when a grenade detonated in front of him, his armor saving his life, however, he was forced to spend several years at a military hospital to recover due to nerve damage. During this time, he was scouted out by the Vanguard program, and offered a place in the newest class after he recovered with some scar tissue as a keepsake.


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