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Hundreds of Burned Synthetic Galakorians Discovered

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Hundreds of Burned Synthetic Galakorians Discovered Empty Hundreds of Burned Synthetic Galakorians Discovered

Post by Scout on Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:43 pm

Hundreds of Burned Synthetic Galakorians Discovered R0LJZ7E
This article was posted by Hannah Oswald. Click here for more information on them. 

HUNDREDS of charred synthetic beings lined a pit in the otherwise quiet colony of Hemsa. Just a few miles away from a small, dusty mining colony of Solitude and a large Reinhard Automations production site. Upon closer inspection, the synthetic beings appeared to mimic Galakorians. This alarming discovery sent some shockwaves through Frontier space. The pit was discovered by a Sheriff Morgan, sheriff of Solitude. We were able to contact the Sheriff and get a first hand report on what he discovered.

"Pit was full of 'em. They use to raid what was left of our town. Now, it looks like that won't be a problem anymore."

Sheriff Morgan also mentioned the a group of Vanguards known as the 1st VIRC - Vanguard Independent Reconnaissance Centuria. This mouthful of a unit was formed earlier this year, and was designed to help lead human expansion back into the frontier systems and unknown regions of space. While some people remain skeptical about the controversial move, the Sheriff has nothing but praise. 

"Look, we all came to the Frontier for one reason. Independence, our own lives, we're all lookin' for our own path through life, and these Vanguards gave that back to me. Gave my town a little bit of life again. Gave us a chance to continue on."

The Sheriff reassures everyone that there is no longer nothing to fear, saying that the Vanguards solved the problem. The Sheriff also claims that Reinhard Automations may have something to do with this. Mr. Reinhard declined to speak to any of our reporters. 

The situation has brought a lot of attention to the small colony. Reporters and workers alike appear to be arriving in droves. 

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