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Ian McChyrstal

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Ian McChyrstal Empty Ian McChyrstal

Post by Sillykilla on Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:47 pm

Select File.

> Ian McChystal :: Ian McChystal Selected.

Loading Dossier File.

Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
Ian McChyrstal 5662afb3d466784c901ccef878128a23--beau-bennett-jamie-benn

Name: Ian McChystal
Known Aliases: 'Mac'
Age:  30
Gender: Male
Ranking: Sergeant
Religious Preference: None
Homeworld/Province:  Clarkston, Atlas. New Titan System
Spoken Language(s): Commonwealth Standard English,
Service Tag: [13324]-[420194]-[IM]

Physical Appearance:

Vocal Sample:


Personnel Military Information.


  • Common Wealth Militia Introduction Program
  • Common Wealth Army Basic Training
  • Common Wealth Basic Medical/Combat Medical Training.
  • Vanguard Training and Tactics
  • Advanced Medical Training

Assignment: 1st VIRC
Operational Status: Active Duty
Previous Service(s): Common Wealth Militia -  Common Wealth Army
Specialization: Medical Operator

  • Stem Cell Application - Applies stem cell packages, quickly healing your target and even helping to bring them back from a near death situation. Only 4 of these expensive solutions can be carried during one mission.
  • Apolyon Device - A medical device mounted on the corpsman's back. The Apolyon carries all of the corpsman's medical supplies and dispenses them via machinery to the corpsman when needed. In addition to this, small mechanical arms are housed in the pack. These arms link directly to the corpsman's visor, the arms also have their own cameras. These arms will identify injuries and administer treatment procedures and the required medicine, assisting the corpsman in vital situations. Due to power constraints, this can only be used 5 times before having to recharge.

Awards and Decorations: N/A
Battle/Engagement Record:

  • Invasion of Atlas (2115 - 2118) - COMMON WEALTH MILITIA FORCES OF ATLAS
  • Small Outer Colony Skirmishes (2124 - 2125) - COMMONWEALTH GROUND FORCES
  • Invasion of Galakor (2126 - 2127) - COMMONWEALTH GROUND FORCES

Casualty Classification: [N/A unless you are KIA/WIA]
Time In Service(s):  5 Years Militia - 9 Years Common Wealth Ground Forces


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance:Commonwealth of Man
Listed Liked Factions:
Listed Disliked Factions:
Listed Neutral Factions: 'Delorians'
Hostile Factions: Galakorians.

Personal Relationships.









Personal History.

  • Born on Atlas in 2102 within the New Titan System born within a Scottish and English ethnic colony within the mountains with the goal of extracting the materials from the mountain for the Common Wealth, Father worked as one of the doctors in the colony their ancestry going back to being doctors on Earth, Mother was simple and stay at home.
  • Attended School and learned things from his father, until when he was 10 the Galakorians raided his planet resulting in the death of many family and friends, forced into labor but later family and father started to help and heal wounded Guerrilla fighters before escaping the colony with them to live in the mountains at a makeshift camp.
  • Father helped form one of the resistance cells on Atlas, Ian stayed within the base in the mountains and assisted in healing and treating wounded fighters at a early age, constantly on the move with the local cell in the mountains to avoid Galakorian attention. But in 2115 a raid on the militia camp resulted in their deaths, Ian now being put under the wing of the cell leader, Charles.
  • At the age of 16 in 2117 the Common Wealth forces arrived to help liberate the Planet, Atlas now reformed its own official Militia and Ian joined the ranks as a Front line Medic at the age of 16 lying about his age to join in the Militia and liberate his planet. Fighting hard for roughly a year by the side of the Common wealth until the planet was liberated in 2118
  • Ian remained on the home colony as a Militia member until he turned 20 in 2122 after learning more information about the Battle of Earth and life on the Colony not the same since the invasion he decided to Enlist in the Common Wealth Navy as a Corpsman serving with Marines on the ground and completed all of his training in 2123.
  • Assigned to the newly revamped Task Force Origin in 2124 under a newly formed Common Wealth Marine Division and underwent training for the invasion of Galakor before being deployed to the outer regions on patrol.
  • In 2126 along with his Task Force and many others invaded Galakor sitting on the ship and dealing with the causlities after the Naval battle then waiting six months as the Orbital bombardment begins before being deployed to one of the Major Cities on Galakor with his Marine Division and taking out the bands of Military resistance that still stood.
  • Remained on Planet until 2127 before he was rotated out and his Task Force was put on leave, they returned to Earth for a couple of months then Ian requested transfer into the Vanguard program after his lengthy career.
  • In 2129 was accepted into the program and began his long course of training, eventually passing by a couple of mircales and landed himself with the 1st VIRC in 2132.


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Ian McChyrstal Empty Re: Ian McChyrstal

Post by Sillykilla on Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:48 pm

still a bit of work in progress but it works for now

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