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The Lore of the Aldramis Galaxy

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The Lore of the Aldramis Galaxy Empty The Lore of the Aldramis Galaxy

Post by SlyCoopr on Sat Dec 21, 2019 9:37 pm

When Humanity took to the stars, it discovered that it was not alone through the flames of war. In 2106, the First Contact War began with an alien race known as the Galakorians. Now, with the brutal twenty year war over, and the Galakorians defeated, Humanity takes to the stars once more to continue exploration and expansion. The Vanguards have been chosen to lead the front of this initiative. Join the HSV Rubicon and discover the secrets of the Aldramis galaxy. Partake in politics with alien species, make contact with new peoples, help colonies and fight insurrectionists and other groups that look to harm the Commonwealth of Man.

As a Vanguard, you are devoted to the success of the Commonwealth. You will fight for the Commonwealth, and so be it, you will die for the Commonwealth.

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