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Private Pytor Ryabov

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Private Pytor Ryabov Empty Private Pytor Ryabov

Post by Garrathos on Fri Dec 20, 2019 9:09 pm

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Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
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Name: Pytor Ryabov
Known Aliases: Alex Corzinzky
Gender: Male
Ranking: Private
Religious Preference: Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Homeworld/Province: Earth/Eastern Province
Spoken Language(s): Commonwealth Standard English/Russian/Ukrainian
Service Tag: 27751-00901-PR

Physical Appearance: Late Twenties/Bald/Light Skin/Brown Eyes/Lean/Muscular/Clean Shaven/Scar on Lower Lip/

Vocal Sample:


Personnel Military Information.
Training: Basic Training/Vanguard Training/Vanguard Specialization Training
Assignment: 1st VIRC
Operational Status: Active Duty
Previous Service(s):
Specialization: Engineer Operator
Abilities: none
Awards and Decorations: none
Battle/Engagement Record: none
Casualty Classification: None
Time In Service(s): Five Years


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance:Commonwealth of Man
Listed Liked Factions: Commonwealth of Man
Listed Disliked Factions: The Eastern Province Crime Syndicates
Listed Neutral Factions:
Hostile Factions: The Galkorian League

Personal Relationships.

Affectionate: none

Liked: none

Neutral none

Disliked: none

Respected: none

Feared: none

Hated: none


Personal History.

Pytor Ryabov was born in the slums outside of Volvograd in 2105.  His mother was a bartender and his father was a part time mechanic and drug dealer.  How ever his father became a victim of sampling his own product, and soon became addicted to the narcotic, Red Ice, when Pytor was just eight.  For the next seven years, Pytor and his mother lived in absolute squalor while his father continued fuel his addiction, except when he flew into a rage due to his withdrawl.  Finally, after a night where his mother was so badly beaten she was hospitalized, Pytor ran away at the age of fifteen.
  Unable to work due to lack of documentation and the fact he was underage, Pytor was forced to a life of crime, working as a petty thief and car jacker.  Despite his young age, Pytor was quickly able to earn a reputaion as having a knack for machines and security systems.  This caught the attention of the crime bosses of the Eastern Syndicate, who began to employ his services.  Pytor was comfortable with this being his life, however that was about to change.
His life would take a turn for the better when ironically, he was framed for The Kiev Financial Data Vault of 2126 by the Syndicate, and was quickly arrested. Being quickly found guilty due to the large amount of fabricated evidence, the judge gave him a choice.  He could either spend the next twenty years in prison, or he could join the military as part of the Commonwealth's Convict Service Pardon Program. Choosing military service, he had finally felt like he had found a family for his own, as his peers and his instructors did not judge him on his past, but on his merit.  Due to his exceptional aptitude and almost fanatical loyalty to the Commonwealth, he was hand picked to receive training to become a Vanguard.  Now freshly completing training, He is ready to begin his service as he assigned to the HMS Rubicon.


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