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Post by Vasiil on Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:11 pm

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Tactical Operator: A Vanguard Tactical Operator is the most skilled Vanguard in the art of combat. Tactical Operators have extensive knowledge of human and alien weapons both light and heavy. These operators are also extensively trained in vehicular gunnery of all models. All new weapons technology that is encountered by Recon Vanguards are analysed by Tactical Operators. In addition to operating small arms, heavy weapons, infantry missiles, mortars and all advanced weapon systems employed by the Commonwealth, they are trained forward observers for fire support. Tactical Operators, being the most skilled in these fields are the most qualified pointmen and first combatants in a battle.

-Special Equipment/Skills-

  • Specialized Ammunition - Possesses limited magazines of Electromagnetic Tipped Rounds for a bonus against shielded enemies and SLAP-T rounds as a bonus against armored enemies or vehicles. (Electromagnetic Rounds Grant +10 Bonus against shielded enemies for two rounds, SLAP-T Grants +10 against armored enemies or vehicles for two rounds of combat)[MUST DO AN ACTION TO LOAD THE MAGAZINE IN, TAKES 1 ACTION TO SWITCH MAGS, MAXIMUM OF FOUR OF THESE SPECIAL MAGAZINES PER MISSION]
  • Veruta Cannon - Possesses a cannon that fires 30mm projectiles with either incendiary ammunition or an air burst concussive/armor reducing shot. Uses an advanced targeting system to hit the target.
  • Close Quarters Combat - More highly trained in close quarters combat, giving you a bonus to combat in close quarters with the enemy. (+10)
  • Flame Projector - A small wrist mounted flame projector. Deals a massive amount of damage to lightly or unarmored targets in a close range.

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Engineer Operator: A Vanguard Engineer Operator is not only an expert in explosives but an expert in hardlight technology as well. Engineers main goals are to employ hardlight technology in effective ways such as providing battlefield cover, creating additional layers of armor and making constructs such as bridges. Small scale repairs are also carried out by Engineers with their hardlight tools on assets such as armor, drones, weaponry and androids. Secondly, Engineers are expert demolitionists, able to employ all sorts of explosives and complex weaponry such as EMP bombs. Engineer Operators are the most versatile and at many times the most important Vanguard in a team, enabling quick solutions to an ever changing battlefield.

-Special Equipment/Skills-

  • Encasement - The Engineer encases an enemy in a layer of hardlight for 2-3 turns if the roll is successful. Enemy can attempt to break free but will damage itself if it fails due to hardlight burning damage. Enemy takes reduced damage when encased, encasement can be broken with small arms fire with a risk to the target.
  • Hardlight Armor - The Engineer can create a thin sheet of maneuverable armor around the vital of up to 4 people including himself. The armor can take about one round to a volley of small arms rounds before shattering off. (Adds +15 rolls for defense until player is hit)
  • Homing Grenade - Deploys a grenade that floats until it finds its target, swooping down and exploding on impact. The grenade is equal parts circuitry and explosives, making it a less damaging grenade.(Guaranteed hit on a single target)
  • Funnel Spider Mine - Able to deploy up to 3 mines on the battlefield. Also able to carry and set explosive charges (C3) on the battlefield
  • Hardlight Construction - Able to create hardlight constructs such as bridges, fortifications, seals and more on the battlefield.

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Medical Operator: A Vanguard Medical Operator is the lifeline of any Vanguard unit. These operators are far more qualified than an average infantry medic. These individuals are trained to the point where they are essentially battlefield surgeons. Vanguards are outfitted with the latest technology in medical scanning, auto doctoral back mounted machinery and stem cell and stimulant applications. In addition to learning human anatomy, Medical Operators are also trained in alien creature anatomy that is relevant to military applications as well as basic repair to android bodies.

-Special Equipment/Skills-

  • Tactical Scan - Identifies a single weakness in a targeted enemy. If the corpsman targets the weakness in the next move or transmits the data to others on his team, a +15 roll bonus is granted.(4 turn cooldown)
  • Stimulant Package - Applies to the corpsman and/or the nearest two players via mechanical arms. This will give the characters a 15 plus bonus on all physical actions for the next three turns.
  • Stem Cell Application - Applies stem cell packages, quickly healing your target and even helping to bring them back from a near death situation. Only 4 of these expensive solutions can be carried during one mission.
  • Apolyon Device - A medical device mounted on the corpsman's back. The Apolyon carries all of the corpsman's medical supplies and dispenses them via machinery to the corpsman when needed. In addition to this, small mechanical arms are housed in the pack. These arms link directly to the corpsman's visor, the arms also have their own cameras. These arms will identify injuries and administer treatment procedures and the required medicine, assisting the corpsman in vital situations. Due to power constraints, this can only be used 5 times before having to recharge.

Specializations JLclsMu
Intelligence Operator: Vanguard Intelligence Operators are essential to battlefield operations. Intelligence Operators act as reconnaissance units, capable of collecting and analyzing information gathered on the field, utilizing an array of advanced equipment such as cloaking technology, advanced sensors, and collection devices, such as the X900 Collection Drone. In addition, Intelligence Operators are also in charge of analyzing enemy tactics, and are capable of breaking down possible enemy plans to give Vanguard Commanders accurate reports and enabling them to make smarter decisions on the battlefield.

-Special Equipment/Skills-

  • Study Up - Intelligence Operators are known for analyzing enemy tactics and abilities, breaking them down and constructing a full understanding of them. For every enemy you get into an engagement with more than once, get a +1 to all actions against it, up to a max of +10.
  • X901 PCA 'Fighter' Drone - Intelligence Operators can deploy the X901 Personal Combat Assistant Drone in combat. This drone can burst fire 7.62mm rounds at any target designated. It gains a +5 to its accuracy, but will be destroyed in one successful attack against it.
  • Cloaking Device - Intelligence Operators can be equipped with a cloaking device as a modular upgrade to their armor. This suit of armor bends oncoming light around the soldier, making him appear transparent. This gives them a +20 to defensive rolls and greatly enhances stealth abilities. 
  • Steady Aim - If an Intelligence Operator opts out of a combat turn, they will then spend the term preparing a shot. On the next turn, their weapon will have a +15 chance to hit its target.

Specializations 424cb02127b3ebbae064eff8f4c5181f-700
Vanguard Commander: Vanguard Commanders are trained extensively in their role. All Commanders, both commissioned officers and NCOs or Warrant Officers who have earned their title are familiarized with all specializations a Vanguard can be trained in. They are beyond any one specialization, being adept in all so that they can more effectively utilize the men under their command. These Vanguards are outfitted with advanced visor and communication technology to assist them in their role. Every Commander is a formidable warrior, better trained than any other Vanguard.

-Special Equipment/Skills-

  • Battle Coordination - Use past experiences to coordinate the marines under your command or your vicinity to work together in a series of actions that will give a bonus to the overall outcome. (+10 bonus to assigned team's next action that round, if used by squad leader, it affects all marines in the squad. Does not stack with other Combat coordination bonuses)
  • Tactical Scan - Identifies a single weakness in a targeted enemy. If the commander targets the weakness in the next move or transmits the data to others on his team, a +15 roll bonus is granted.(4 turn cooldown)
  • Commanders Choice - Commander chooses any piece of equipment available to use for himself.(IE; Veruta Cannon, Spider Mine)

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