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HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A]

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HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A] Empty HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A]

Post by Revival on Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:21 pm

Select File.

>Irini Sykes ::Irini Sykes Selected.

Loading Dossier File.

Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A] 74ce4d0721884d8126ceb864bd37bea0--red-head-girls-emma-stone
Irini's Face before the accident

HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A] R3jMYwS

After the incident, Irini's entire face is covered with multiple shrapnel scars and wounds, the wounds don't look like they were pulled out, but rather the shrapnel was eaten from the inside of her skin to out. There is also a very small scar on the bottom right of her neck, which looks like it might of had things burrowing inside of it.

Unit Name: Irini Bishop Sykes
Unit Aliases: N/A
Unit Gender: Female
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: HA
Service Tag: 57483-44319-IS

Physical Appearance: 5'7 / Mid Twenties / Medium Length Red Hair / Light Blue Eyes / Pale Skin / Relaxed Demeanor / Petite Frame / Alliance Uniform / West Coast Accent / Scarring on Face /

Vocal Sample:


Personnel Military Information.

Training: High School Education // Alliance Military Basic // Alliance Medical Training //
Assignment: 2nd MSRC
Operational Status: Active Duty
Previous Service(s): SSV Stalingrad
MOS/Specialization: Corpsman
Awards and Decorations: N/A
Battle/Engagement Record: Multiple Pirate Encounters, Geth encounters, Reaper Contact On Earth, Houston Mission,
Casualty Classification: K.I.A
Time In Service(s):
Alliance: 2180-Current
2180-2183: Reserves
2183-2186: SSV Stalingrad
2186-2186: SSV Constantinople


MOS: Corpsman
Abilities: [Bolded is Unlocked]

*Tactical Scan - Identifies a single weakness in a targeted enemy. If the corpsman targets the weakness in the next move, a +25 roll bonus is granted.

* Disperse - Disperses omnigel to all members in combat, removing one strike. Can only be used once in an engagement.

*Adrenaline - Applies to the corpsman and the nearest two players (or a player the Corpsman chooses if they wish not to apply it to themselves) giving an evasive bonus of +25 on the next defensive roll.

* Fortification - Boosts shields by 50%. Must be deployed before taking damage.


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance:Systems Alliance
Listed Liked Factions: Humanity, Asari, Salarian, Quarian, Drell
Listed Disliked Factions: Krogan, Vorcha, Hanar
Listed Neutral Factions: Any Unlisted
Hostile Factions: Pirates,

Personal Relationships.


(Final Standing: Affectionate) Samuel Chevalier: Chevalier is a pretty normal dude, I guess. He is pretty pessimistic but he is right. I will be busy if we suffer heavy casualties. He’s a Biotic also; so I have some extra work whenever he is injured in combat. He walked in with me and Morello talking, he does seem like he cares about his marines, which is pretty decent of the guy. Chevalier took Kelce's M.I.A seriously. I hope he really is fine, its going to be a long road for him, its going to be a long road for all of us. Chevalier asked me to increase his Biotic output a few days ago. If this upgrade goes bad for him it could be detrimental. I can't let him lose control of his biotics, I'm the one who did it to him. He's on my watchlist for now. He's sorry... he thinks its his fault for what he did to me. He's not the one who set his Biotics up, he can't move right now, he's immobilized. Its my fault to begin with... But after our talk; I hope things end well for him after all. There is something else though... who the hell is Hannah?


(Final Standing: Liked)Service Chief Jason Kelce: Kelce seems to me like the good old country boy. He didn’t really seem to mind the fact that he just gave one tour, and needed to come back and give me and Serus our tour. Speaking of the resident turian, Serus. I think Kelce’s brother served in the first contact war, and it seems like he talks pretty candidly about Shaxni. Then again, it seems like everyone did, its cool they are too. On the SSV Stalingrad it was more conservative about that stuff, and I remember one guy who hated to talk about battles. He does have a pretty humourable outlook on life, I'll say it that way. He already has a PhD which is impressive right now. Kelce... Kelce is gone, he saved the VP of the Alliance, and he's gone. I hope he's still kicking those Reapers asses down there.

(Final Standing: Liked/Respected)Staff Lieutenant Martin Banner: Resident XO of the Constantinople. He seems like a respectable dude. He; and Lieutenant Commander Adande Greene remind me of Staff LIeutenant Perkins. Banner has a commanding personality, and I hope to see him in combat.
Staff Lieutenant Banner helped lead an experditionary force on earth to safety... and tried to make sure I wasn't going to break down and cry. He's right though, I can't give up hope on the crew.

(Final Standing: Liked/Respected) Lieutenant Commander Adande Greene: Commander Greene, second human spectre and one of the more famous individuals on the ship. I heard stories of him back on the SSV Stalingrad and I really enjoyed hearing some of the stories that were told; much to  the chargain of a few of them.  Well ... I guess is really his true test, I stand behind him faithfully, and we need to. There's no way around it.

(Final Standing: Liked/Respected) Kyle Vernon: The first time I was meeting him, he was staring into my Medical Bay, I wondered why. It doesn’t really matter to me though, He’s a pilot and sounds decent at his job, he also might be working with us on the ground, so that’s cool too.

(Final Standing: Liked/Respected) Rachel Elizabeth: Elizabeth is our new Intelligence Liasion, its cool that she has history with Thatcher, and the two of them have a deep connection it feels like. Other than that she's a cool girl.

(Final Standing: Liked)Vicky Morello: Honestly, we only spoke for a little bit, I want to get to know her a bit more though, since it was getting late and we both needed sleep after all. Well, after the mission we had... she did show it was her first time on the field. I'm not going to fault her for it, but I hope it isn't a president for her combat feats. You know, every time I try figuring out Morello, I get her wrong. I think she's capable at some points, then she does things that make you question it. At least it isn't in the field and it just fits with the newest Collector we have. Going purposefully into the brig to talk to him when we're both privates? Trying to give it a baby turtle toy? I guess it might just be me wondering whats up with it, its just worrisome.


You know... I hate this person. On a metaphorical level. I don't understand her at all... But she's caring when she needs to be, she wants to have the best foot forward; its sweet.


(Final Standing: Liked/Respected) StfLt Richard Parkins: Staff Lieutenant Parkins is generally a likable guy. He made sure I fit comfortably within the crew when my medical practices were put into question at the very start of my time serving under the Alliance. He seemed to have a genuine care for his crew and soldiers. When I told him of my transfer by myself and my plans to take it, he seemed happy that I was being transferred to Commander Adande Greene's vessel. I can't believe you're dead... The Stalingrad... it got blown up, and you're the one who led them... if anything, I hope you died a Martyr, I hope you saved people like you always did.

(Final Standing: Liked/Respected) Richard William: You're going to live... I hope you do, you're smart enough for it after all.   You're currently at Heruta right now. I shouldn't be worrying about you, there's a part of me though that really hopes you'll come back kicking these Reapers to the grave... Maybe kicking them into the grave is a bad choice of words.


(Final Standing: Liked/Respected) Flynt Thatcher: He is definitely a weird as hell person. I mean; he's literally the first person in my medical career who walked into my office to get a check-up. Honestly, that's pretty weird. He's been a helpful dude, I still haven't talked to him a lot. I still find it weird that he went into my medical office for a check-up when I didn't call him in... even if it should be expected of a person. I guess my old crew was afraid of that stuff.  Well, my face is now a bunch of fucking scars because of him. He broke my helmet, and almost caused my entire face to be screwed over, if it wasn't for.... we're not talking about that right now. But he's starting to pin it on Chevalier for being emotionless when he isn't. He was trying to make up excuses for his mistakes... I can't ever forgive his actions for what happened to me, he cut my face open quite literally. But I can forgive the man who did the deed.

(Final Standing: Neutral) Private First Class Serus Valrin: Valrin is a pretty odd fellow, he’s a marksman; just like his dad. I can’t really say much about Valrin besides that though. Again, there is the fact that his father served in the first contact war also. It’s pretty interesting to hear, not going to lie. Not going to lie, he is kind of slow. I hope that it was just the first time jitters or something with a human crew. He's the first one dead from our crew. He might be the first of many... I just hope that I can save those I can... I don't want to have anyone else end up like the Batarian.

(Final Standing: Liked/Respected) Krevik: I honestly don't know what to make of Krevik. It's a friendly collector, I guess it might be in some awoken state. I can't really trust it from what I've heard about the Collectors, since we never fought them on the Stalingrad. Well... I can kind of trust him in my life... just... that's it. I'm not answering anything else about him.




First Impressions:


Personal History.

Irini Bishop Sykes was born on Earth to Ellen and Winston Sykes. Irini was originally given a typical lifestyle, and had no out of the ordinary interests. It wasn't until the year 2178 when a military parade was hosted in her hometown. Irini, in the year 2180, just after her birthday she signed up for Alliance Military service as a combat medic. Given her relative inexperience in the medical field, she was put on a reserves function in order to educate herself within Alliance education in effective uses of surgery, Medigel, and the likes. Her first instance of combat, and when she was first put into actual service was under the SSV Stalingrad with Commanding Officer Richard Parkins. Unknown to Parkins, Sykes, and the rest of the crew was an attack by Geth Forces on the planet of Ichra. Irini was forced into combat positions relatively soon and her medical skills. Irini kept with the SSV Stalingrad until the year 2186, where she was transferred from under Richard Parkins to Commander Adande Greene, Human Spectre.


Whilst Irini was on a mission with her crew she was incapacitated by a husk, holding onto her head and broke through her shields. Through instinct, Coporal Flynt Thatcher stabbed the husk, killing it instantly, but misjudged his footing and strength, breaking Irini's helmet, causing massive shrapnel and burn damage to her face. Her face was 'repaired' by Reaper War Asset Krevik, Krevik: A awakened collector injected Irini Sykes with multiple seeker swarms where each shrapnel piece was taken out of her and eaten from the inside within, and her nose and mouth were reattatched through the bugs, somehow.


Irini Sykes was pronounced Killed In Action on the evacuation of civilians by the hands of an unknown Reaper Force (OOC: A Banshee). The Death of Irini Sykes was proclaimed when the creature picked her up by the torso after she was knocked into barbed wire by this Reaper Force. The creature struck the woman through the entirety of his chest, destroying both of her lungs.[/b]

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HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A] Empty Re: HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A]

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Death Update:

All Characters got a 'final ranking' (No Changes to the Dossier. They are an OOC recognition of where they fall in line at her final moments.)

History Update

(The Cry myself to sleep this happened on my fucking birthday) Update.

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HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A] Empty Re: HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A]

Post by Lapis on Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:46 pm

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HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A] Empty Re: HM Irini Sykes [K.I.A]

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