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Death of Emperor Palpatine

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Death of Emperor Palpatine Empty Death of Emperor Palpatine

Post by Sargo922 on Mon Oct 14, 2019 11:50 am

Death of Emperor Palpatine Holnet-news-2-1_22085ba2
A tragedy of Unforgettable Proportions

Several days ago, the Empire was met with terrible tragedy as Emperor Palpatine and Supreme Commander Darth Vader were both killed by a daring and insulting Rebel assault upon the Forest Moon of Endor. Despite the best efforts of the brave men and women of Death Squadron, Rebel forces were able to overcome their defenses and destroy the Second Death Star being constructed there.

Many worlds have descended into mourning following the death of the leader of the empire, but current caretaker of the throne Sate Prestage had this to say following an uprising of pro-rebels elements on Imperial Center.

The image turns to a broadcast outside of the Imperial Palace, where Sate Prestage, surrounded by several black and gold armored Imperial Novatroopers.
"Though we have suffered a great and terrible tragedy, I assure you, loyal citizens of the Empire, that we may be bloodied after the loss of our great leader, but we are not yet defeated. Our Imperial Army stands stronger than it ever has before, bolstered by the dedication and loyalty of the Stormtrooper Corps. Our Imperial Navy still dominates the expansive sectors of the galaxy in an effort to wipe out the Rebellion, and even now we plan to bring the fight to the Rebel cowards hiding and celebrating their murder of our Galactic Emperor in the Endor System. We shall have Justice and Vengeance for our Emperor, and the Empire shall rise ever stronger for it! I ask you, loyal citizens of the Empire to not fall to despair, instead I ask you to turn your anger, your grief, your desire for justice towards those responsible for this horrendous act, and to stand with us against these rebels and traitors, and put your continued trust and faith in the glorious vision that is the Galactic Empire."

Despite this, many worlds continue to attempt to rise against the Empire and declare their independence, but quick action by loyal Imperial Governors, Moffs and Military forces have quickly crushed these uprisings.


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