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Caeum Bretwis

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Caeum Bretwis Empty Caeum Bretwis

Post by Revival on Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:07 pm

>Caeum Bretwis :: Caeum Bretwis Selected.

Loading GPR File.


Name: Caeum Bretwis
Gender: Male
Race: 'Human' (Undetermined).
Age: 34
Homeworld: ???
Augmentations/Abilities: Enhanced Sight
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Marksman
Status: Alive
Education: Standard Education

>Attached Image(s) Loaded

Caeum Bretwis RwUEpOE
(Picture taken 2 BBY)

Caeum Bretwis Unknown
(Picture taken 4 ABY)

>Vocal Sample Loaded

Physical Description:

5'10 / Reinforced Armor Bodysuit /Large Jawa cloak over body / E-5s Sniper Rifle Slung on Back underneath cloak / ELG-3A blaster pistol holstered on Side / Opaque, Purple Colored Visor / Vo-Coded Voice /

Registered Weaponry:

ELG-3A, E-5s

(If Applicable) Military/Combatant Information.
Training: Multiple Combative efforts.
Specialization: N/A  
Assignment: N/A
Awards and Decorations: N/A
Battle/Engagement Record: Combative Efforts, Classified Missions
Time In Service: N/A

Faction Allegiance:
Listed Liked Factions: Jawa Clans of Tattooine, Rebel Alliance
Listed Disliked Factions:
Listed Neutral Factions: Rebal Alliance, The Empire
Hostile Factions:


Enhanced Scope - Get +5 when aiming at a target.
Grappling Hook - Allows the use of a grappling hook to access areas.
Vibrodagger - Can quickly switch and attack with a vibro dagger or similar weapon. Does not take a turn to switch to, can draw and attack on the same turn (+5 to attack against targets in range of dagger (+10 roll against targets in close quarters when using blade.)
Dioxis Grenade - Fill your grenade slots with grenades that create a cloud of chemicals that choke and eventually kill targets in an area.(Does damage over time with a bonus to organics, does not affect droids or constructs, anything that doesn't breathe naturally. 2 max)
Increased Agility - You have trained in acrobatics giving you a +10 to quick movements and acrobatic actions.
Long Range Training - Get a +5 for long range shots, +10 if using a sniper rifle or similar weapon.


Personal Relationships


Nakki: A  good friend, one that I could travel around with for years and have a capable figure to fight along with me. A secret-barer; he's back on Tattooine I believe - I hope me and him get back together for one more score.



The Captain:Even if I don't know his full name, the Captain definitely is one of the few people who know what they are doing.

Cato Marek - The first person I met on this planet, has a good head on his shoulders.


Tari - outside of us sharing a multitude of skills together, and her being the only other sane drunk in this place I'm not worried so much.

Jahfory 'Jah' - A perfectly capable monk.

Valiak - Fucking disgusting.

Sven Thorton - I haven't had much of a time to talk to them, but they are the oldest member of the crew it seems like.

Thad Heston - I knew his father, great man. I heard he opened up a bar once somewhere during my travels, I should go take a look for it.


Johse Malefor/LB-08 - I feel sympathy for his plight involving his brother, but he needs to learn patience is key.

The Battledroids: They are underneath Valiak's control as of this moment.


'Khan' - My first interactions with him were... not pleasant. Hopefully this changes.



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Caeum Bretwis Empty Re: Caeum Bretwis

Post by Revival on Wed Oct 16, 2019 9:06 am

Updates to relationships

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