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Roll System by Kravis

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Roll System by Kravis Empty Roll System by Kravis

Post by Vasiil on Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:07 am

Rolling in the server will be used just as we did before. When engaging combat with a event character, The battle will go in turns. The beginning turn, unless stated otherwise, will be the event character. They will choose people at random to fight or action towards before they end their turn. Their rolls must be beat if you want to avoid damage or a possibly fatal attack. When the turn switches to the crew, everyone will roll and preform a action based around the power of that roll. Everyone's roll will be taken into account by the event character and once a certain threshold is met, the character will die or submit.
(Example of crew /me.    */me attacks with a blast of incinerate to the mercenary's back. (43)* fourty-three resembles what they rolled.)

Enemies with minimal rolls
Yeah, the bad guys have minimal rolls too. This is to even out the score with some more developed characters but to also give the players a sense of threat when one of these enemies show up. Most of these apply to races, but some do apply to specifics.

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