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Post by Vasiil on Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:01 am

It has been 4 years since the Battle of Yavin, galactic calendar year 39. The Rebel Alliance has won a victory at Endor, destroying the second Deathstar and killing Emperor Palpatine. riots and uprisings take place on a multitude of Imperial-held worlds, as the news spread across the galaxy. To counter the rioting and to restore order, local governors and military leaders are given authorization to act with whatever means necessary to restore the peace.

The Rebel Alliance, now organized as the Alliance of Free Planets bides its time, using diplomacy to gain strength through freed worlds. Having no real succession plan laid out for the seat of the Emperor, the Galactic Empire will begin to crumble as warlords vie for power and a New Republic sets out to liberate the galaxy.

(Current Events)
On Denon, the planetary Governor Rolim Feara clashes with Admiral Koth Silas over the course of action to take on Denon. Unorganized rioting is taking place all over Denon, however the organized Resistance cell there has done little other than organizing riots to occur at key locations. In their desperation, the Empire has hired a local gang of criminals and ‘mercenaries’, The Kubli Clan to keep the peace in strategic locations.


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