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Personal Dossier Format

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Personal Dossier Format Empty Personal Dossier Format

Post by Vasiil on Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:22 pm

[b]> YourName[/b] :: YourName Selected.

Loading GPR File.

[b][font=Times New Roman]DETAILS[/font][/b]

[font=Times New Roman][b]Name: [/b][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Gender: [/b][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Age: [/b][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Homeworld: [/b][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Augmentations/Abilities: [/b][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Occupation: [/b][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Position: [/b][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Status: [/b]Alive[/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Education: [/b][/font]

[b][font=Times New Roman]>Attached Image(s) Loaded[/font][/b]
[b][font=Times New Roman](Picture[s])

[b][font=Times New Roman]>Vocal Sample Loaded[/font][/b]
(Video Here)

[font=Times New Roman][b]Physical Description: [/b][/font]

[font=Times New Roman][b]Registered Weaponry: [/b][/font]

[size=20][u](If Applicable) Military/Combatant Information.[/u][/size]
[b][i]Awards and Decorations:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Battle/Engagement Record:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Time In Service:[/i][/b]

[font=Times New Roman[b]Faction Allegiance:[/b] [/font]
[font=Times New Roman][b]Listed Liked Factions: [/b]
[b]Listed Disliked Factions: [/b]
[b]Listed Neutral Factions:[/b]
[b]Hostile Factions: [/b]

[b][size=18][font=Courier New]Personal Relationships[/font][/size][/b]


[color=#006600][font=Courier New][b]Liked[/b][/font][/color]

[color=#0000ff][font=Courier New][b]Respected[/b][/font][/color]

[font=Courier New][b]Neutral[/b][/font]

[color=#663300][font=Courier New][b]Sympathetic[/b][/font][/color]

[color=#ff9933][font=Courier New][b]Disliked[/b][/font][/color]

[color=#ff0000][font=Courier New][b]Feared[/b][/font][/color]

[color=#660000][font=Courier New][b]Hated[/b][/font][/color]

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