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Tier timejump (1420)

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Tier timejump (1420) Empty Tier timejump (1420)

Post by Scout on Thu Oct 03, 2019 9:46 pm

A hundred and seventy seven years have passed since the events that occurred in 1243. The Mongols have split, losing their unified power, and now are split in several factions fighting for power. 

England, with their long time Irish allies, were successful in taking parts of the French coast, and now own a strong grip on the territory. There are however whispers of a new man, proclaiming himself the rightful King of the Flemish, and may seek to challenge the Isles on their authority over their coastal lands.

The Duchy of Austria, once just another small state within the HRE is slowly gaining more and more power and influence over the other German states around them. 

The Kingdom of Hungary, successful in their push back of Mongol forces, now set their sights on the nations forming around them, seeking to reclaim past territories, under the rightful claim of the Hungarian king.

Castile continues to fight the Emirate of Granada, now forcing them into a small, seeming futile pocket, that holds out in southern Spain. Aragon continues to grow with power, and it seems that it is inevitable that one day, one of the two nations will be the sole ruler of Iberia.


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