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ight imma head out: smell ya later, Ayyubids

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ight imma head out: smell ya later, Ayyubids Empty ight imma head out: smell ya later, Ayyubids

Post by Scout on Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:11 pm

You're a fuckin' lying son of a bitch, Almohad Calpihate! All right? And I hope you fuckin' go to hell.

Shut the fuck up, Hasfid Dynasty, you fucking stupid STINKY cunt.

Shut the fuck up, As-Salih Ayyub! You faggot! Fucking skinny butt-munching faggot. I hate you! You know that? I really do. 'Cause all you do is fuckin' prance around school talkin' about your fuckin' faggoty fairy fathers. I'll tell you what! I don't wanna hear about your fuckin' fathers and how their assholes work, all right? It makes me sick! And I - I - I fuckin' hope they fuckin' die of fag disease! '

In other words, Muslim countries are fucking stupid.

I will now be killing myself.

(I'm switching to Hungary)

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