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King of Poland sends envoys to the nations of the Coalition

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King of Poland sends envoys to the nations of the Coalition  Empty King of Poland sends envoys to the nations of the Coalition

Post by The Man In Black on Wed Sep 25, 2019 8:17 am

The King of Poland sends messengers to the other memebers of the coalition with the following message:

"Fellow nobles, the time is upon us to mount an offensive against the horde. The horde is strongest on the offensive which is why we must take the initiative and seize the momentum. This will put them on their back foot and they will not expect such a bold responce to their brutal raids on our great lands. The only way such a daring plan can come to fruition is with a cordinated attack across the lines of the Mongol advance. The horde may seem to be unstoppable but we shall prove that myth to be false. We shall halt them and free the European lands and her people. We shall force them back to the steppe which they hail from and face this enemy once and for all. If you refuse this undertaking it will be understood by myself and other European nations that you do not stand for a free Europe and would rather live under the Hun rule. We must fight and kill the savages where they stand. I ask that you stand with me in this noble cause. The pope has blessed out troops and we shall prevail with the lord watching over us. For in his name we shall be the saviors of this European land and Christiandom as a whole. I ask for you to march with me and we shall pervail."

E nomine patri et fili et spiritu sancti
Signed The King of Poland
The Man In Black
The Man In Black

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