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Hispania Campaign: Catholic Victory

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Hispania Campaign: Catholic Victory Empty Hispania Campaign: Catholic Victory

Post by SlyCoopr on Tue Sep 24, 2019 3:15 pm

After 3 weeks of the siege, the Catholic forces of Ireland, France and Castille assaulted the Wooden Castle. Though outnumbered, the Muslim forces held for hours until the walls were lost. Many Muslim forces died as the Catholic forces began to overwhelm the defenses and Muslim General and a Pikeman were all that remained. The Irish General sullied forth and asked the enemy to surrender. The Muslim commander demanded that the Irish Marshal face him in one on one combat, if he fell, the remaining Muslim defenders would surrender. Leanan Ó Néill agreed and met the man in combat. The duel ended with Ó Néill's victory and the victory of the Catholic forces over the Castle!
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