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Hispania Campaign: Irish Siege & Raids

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Hispania Campaign: Irish Siege & Raids Empty Hispania Campaign: Irish Siege & Raids

Post by SlyCoopr on Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:14 am

Irish troops have begun raiding the Muslim countryside for loot and supplies. The soldiers put many Muslims to the sword, demanding conversion or death to each as they raid their way to the Wooden Castle on the northern front. Upon reaching the castle, a siege encircled the castle, blocking all from entering or leaving. No attempt to assault has begun as they wait for the Castillian and French troops to arrive.

Just as the Irish did in Dublynn, the new Marshal of the army, Leanan Ó Néill, has begun to negotiate with the defenders of the castle, demanding they surrender without bloodshed. They promise safe passage out if they convert to Christianity and throw down their weapons, for the will of God is that of mercy. They can not promise the same when the Castillian troops arrive.
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