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Naval Crew Ratings

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Naval Crew Ratings Empty Naval Crew Ratings

Post by Vasiil on Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:59 pm

Crew Characters serve as secondary characters to the Ground Team. Every crew character stays on the ship and performs a specific function, and each crew member is vital to the ship's survival. You can apply for a Crew Character as well. Crew characters can be alien, and are much easier to get into if there is a alien character.

First Officer (1/1), 130A
The First Officer is in charge of running the ship. As the Commander is a Spectre and in charge of the Marine Company, the First Officer is essentially the Captain of the ship whenever the Commander is away or otherwise occupied. The First Officer is the most knowledgeable and senior most officer in the crew and issues all general orders to the crew.

Flight Lieutenant (1/1), 132A (0/1)
The Flight Lieutenant is the helmsman of the ship. He controls all ship flight function. He pilots the Constantinople and ensures that everything is going smoothly. He executes all flight paths and maneuvers the ship in combat in conjunction with the ships CIC operators.

Weapons Operator (1/1), 115X (1/1)
The Weapons Operator is in charge of ensuring the maintenance of the Thanix Cannon, and they are also the one who fires the weapon in the bridge. This position is highly important as the Thanix Cannon is the Constantinople's most offensive capability, the handling and maintenance of this is a priority on the ship.

Systems Operator (0/1), 112X 
The Systems Operator is in charge of ensuring all defensive systems of the Constantinople are fulling running. They are in charge of monitoring the Stealth Drives, Kinetic Barriers, Hull Integrity, and all passive systems, such as the lights, power, life support, and gravity field generator. This is a priority position on the ship.

Sensor Systems Operator (0/1), 111X
The Sensor Systems Operator is in charge of controlling all detection systems on the ship. Included technology for this operator is utilize includes Radar and LADAR, Ladars have a narrower field of view than radar, but LADAR resolution allows images of detected objects to be assembled. Lastly, the Operator utilizes the Argus Planet Scanner to scan planetary surface areas.

GARDIAN Systems Specialist (0/1), 116X
The GARDIAN Specialist is in charge of the ships General ARea Defense Integration Anti-spacecraft Network (GARDIAN) systems. They are in charge of the maintainance of the GARDIAN system, inputting frequencies for the maximum effeciency in a combat situation and preventing laser burnouts during combat.

Chief Engineering Officer (1/1), 113A
The Chief Engineering Officer is responsible for the skilled repairs and higher education required to keep the ships FTL drive and other important systems functioning. They also advise the captain on possible solutions to technical problems. This officer is also in charge of all Engineering personnel on the ship and their every day activities.

Engineer (0/3), 113X
Engineers ensure that orders from their superiors are carried out, and they are expected to regularly check and maintain all systems of the Constantinople. They are the first to repair minor damages and run diagnostics on systems.

Intelligence Liason (1/1), 183A
The Intelligence Liason is the Constantinople's and Marine's number one resource for any information. They are able to report directly to Alliance brass and are responsible with the contingency of the ship alongside the crew. An Intelligence Liason is expected to be educated in all regards when it comes to the 2nd MSRC's field operations, including enemy composition, enemy contingency, unit contingency, logistics, etc.

Lab Team Member (1/4), 211
The Lab Team is responsible for researching and studying all technology brought in by the Marines. They are also responsible for developing new technology for use in the field.

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