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Ireland Seeks the Pope's Blessing

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Ireland Seeks the Pope's Blessing Empty Ireland Seeks the Pope's Blessing

Post by SlyCoopr on Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:38 pm

An Irish envoy travels to the Eternal City of Rome. The envoy enters the wondrous city with awe, only used to the small Irish towns and landscapes. He finally arrives to his destination at the Vatican to meet with the Papacy. When he meets, he speaks to the Pope and the Papacy, humbly asking the Church to recognize their small nation. They have recently established their Kingdom, throwing away the tribalism. They are a Catholic nation and plan to erect churches across the country soon for the people to learn more of God. The Pope and the Church told the envoy that they thanked him for traveling all the way to Italia, but he would have to wait to go home, as they had to discuss the matter with themselves, they would summon him and give their answer when they are ready to have him. Waiting, the envoy remains in the city, praying for their answer.
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Ireland Seeks the Pope's Blessing Empty Re: Ireland Seeks the Pope's Blessing

Post by Vasiil on Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:46 pm

The Pope is gladdened by the Irish need for God and the Catholic Church. He has agreed to send priests, monks and an Archbishop to Ireland to educate local Ireland to become clergy and eventually create a Catholic Church of Ireland. The Pope requires that the King of Ireland make a pilgrimage to the Holy City himself and receive a blessing from the pope to legitimatize his Kingship. His holiness also requires the King of Ireland to prove himself a good christian and asks for a donation to be paid to the church(1,000 gold). He also asks that good Irish warriors that are will travel to the Kingdom of Castile to assist their effort to reclaim Hispania.

If these requirements are met, the Pope will recognize Ireland as a Catholic Kingdom under God and give the Irish King the divine rite to rule over his land. When this happens it will be expected of the English throne to make peace with Ireland.

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