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Baldwin II responds to the Nicaean empire

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Baldwin II responds to the Nicaean empire Empty Baldwin II responds to the Nicaean empire

Post by Scout on Sun Sep 22, 2019 5:45 pm

Baldwin the II, Emperor of the Latin Empire of Constantinople, spoke to the people of his city from his balcony, addressing the soldiers and citizens alike.

"Great people of Constantinople, I stand before you to tell you that these are our darkest times as a people. The next few weeks and months will truly be a test of our resolve, our character, and our fortitude. Our lands have been stolen from us by those who wish to see us destroyed. They belittle us with titles such as 'pretenders' and call us the unfit rulers of these lands. I challenge that thought. It was their ancestors who fled these lands because they did not have the same heart of gold that we possess. We are Romans! We inherit these lands not because we are forced to, but because we are destined to! This great city has endured larger threats than that of these barbarians who cling onto some frail notion that their false Emperor has any sort of right to rule these lands. I, Baldwin the II, was born here in this great city, and so help me God, if I must, I will die here. Constantinople belongs to us, the true Romans!"

The speech stirred the hearts and minds of the people of Constantinople, many of them joining up in arms to assist the garrison troops. 

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