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Haha, I Got One!: England's Response to Irish and French Aggression

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Haha, I Got One!: England's Response to Irish and French Aggression Empty Haha, I Got One!: England's Response to Irish and French Aggression

Post by Harus on Sun Sep 22, 2019 1:58 am

His most royal highness, King John of England, Wales and Bordeaux sat down comfortably at his writing table. A pile of letters had been left on the table, which he promptly got to reading.
However, not even the bready meal recently formulated by the Earl of Sandwich was enough to keep John from being greatly mildly somewhat shocked at the recent events regarding Ireland and France.
He began writing some letters and sent them off immediately.

"To Marshal Sir John Tindle,
The situation in Ireland has become unacceptable. The clans have attacked the garrison in Dub Lynn unprovoked, and even English citizenry not holding office. I require you to raise an army immediately from Murton Castle (East of Durham), and command it towards Dub Lynn. You are tasked with taking whatever military measures necessary to quell this conflict. The clans have, effectively, declared war. They must be dealt with accordingly.

King John."

"To the King of France,
Your recent actions regarding English territory are most concerning. It was my earnest hope to better relations between our kingdoms, however you have made this possibility much dimmer. I am currently dealing with my people being murdered by a most savage group in Ireland, and the threat of this Eyelamb Iflamm Islam remains an issue I do not want threatening Europe. I strongly urge you to reconsider this military action, at least taking into account the ways of diplomacy that our two kingdoms are most accustomed to.
It is my promise, however, that if any harm should come to an Englishman at your hands then there will be no end to my revenge.

King John."

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