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Irish Raids!

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Irish Raids! Empty Irish Raids!

Post by SlyCoopr on Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:54 pm

The English envoy sent, demanding the Clans to bend the knee never returned home. Irish men have been seen across the contested borders, attacking any Englishmen they find. Many of the Irish raiders have been traveling to Irish towns within the English-held lands, ending their raids. The remaining raiders continue to raid and harass any supply-lines they come across. During this time, Irish troops have begun mobilizing in the castles, raising their levies. All envoys to the English have ceased, instead turning to Scotland and France.

The elected leader of the Clans, Íor Ó Bradáin, has only made one announcement for all nations to hear. "Ireland belongs to the Irish and God, all else are foreign invaders."
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