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Operation: MASTER KEY

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Operation: MASTER KEY Empty Operation: MASTER KEY

Post by Vasiil on Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:15 pm

Section 1: Situation

A downed Phantom has been recovered on the surface of Yoldim containing information on the local scouting group. It has been discovered that there is one or more DAV Class Light Corvettes in the Labinian System looking for UNSC information on our current strength, AI Research and to verify we have no intelligence on a planet known as "Forntuous". Corvette possesses stealth cloaking capabilities and could be anywhere at this moment. High chance of Corvette containing more information on the Minister of Assembly. Their main force could be far close to finding a Forerunner wormhole leading to Forntuous, finding the corvette now is imperative, as is recovering any possible data from it. Commander Sakamatos operation to board enemy vessel with UNSC AI "David";....Authorized.

Section 2: Assets

UNSC Highwayman

  • Foxtrot Platoon
  • UNSC AI David
  • Uparmored Pelican
  • Authorized Nuclear Devices
  • Forerunner Artifact: Luminary 5V "Nulled Luminary"

Section 3: Execution

Phase One: A Forerunner luminary containing coordinates to a patch of space studied to have been obliterated thousands of years ago by a supernova star has been authorized for this operation. The luminary itself is useless and will do no harm if the Covenant obtain it but it is still Forerunner technology, the perfect bait. On the surface of Yoldim is an abandoned town that used to be used by Researchers before the underground facilities were completely built. Teams will be discreetly deployed there to place the luminary and set up escape routes from the target location, ending phase 2.

Phase Two: Foxtrot platoon will be deployed to site location, proceed underground and grab the luminary in a feigned recovery operation to trick Covenant forces into thinking we are in fact attempting to evacuate the artifact. Measures have been put in place to ensure Covenant forces will show up. Foxtrot Platoon will delay or destroy the enemy by any means necessary until a corvette uncloaks and reveals its position, once this is complete, Phase Two will be an official success.

Phase Three: Naginata, already being present in the area will uncloak to engage and disable enemy vessel. Foxtrot Platoon will then exfiltrate the luminary site in an uparmored pelican to board the enemy vessel with UNSC AI 'David'. Platoon objectives will be to reach the Corvettes control bridge to insert David to capture the entire ship intact and/or recover all onboard ship data. Having David on one of the ministers ships is a dangerous risk and several failsafes have been added to Davids subroutines to deny capture.

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