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DVD 4990-2 "David"

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DVD 4990-2 "David" Empty DVD 4990-2 "David"

Post by Vasiil on Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:00 pm

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> UNSC Smart AI “David”

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:
DVD 4990-2 "David" Latest?cb=20080118173740
Davids Avatar, a robed and hooded man with long hair and beard


Name: David
Religious Preference: Christian Existentialism
Specialty: Exploration and research of Forerunner planets and technology
Operational Status: Fully repaired and active
Assignment: Battlegroup Resolute, UNSC Highwayman, Fox Reconnaissance Platoon
Previous Post(s): UNSC Exploration Group Delta, UNSC Newton
Time In Service: 2 Years(1 year was spent in a sort of AI 'stasis' which prohibited his thinking)
Spoken Language(s): All UNSC Languages, Jiralhanae, Sangheili, Covenant Standard
Service Tag: DVD 4990-2

Unit Vocals:



David was a UNSC Third Generation AI commissioned specifically to work with Forerunner technology. He was assigned to a UNSC exploratory ship. On one particular mission, Davids ship, the UNSC Newton discovered a forerunner planet with an artifact capable of producing objects instantaneously out of an array of cheap, easy to find convertible materials. UNSC Newton was low on supplies and ill equipped to recover or study the artifact and so proceeded to a nearby UNSC mining and supply outpost, which by the time Newtons slipspace trip was complete, was under attack by the Minister of Assemblies upstart brute fleet in a campaign started to cripple UNSC logistics. UNSC Newton was quickly intercepted and while all navigational data was destroyed, David was captured.

David, rather than being destroyed, dictated by conventional Covenant doctrine, was studied and dissected by the Minister. A Spartan strike team was sent to recover David later on in a successful mission where one Spartan was killed by the Chieftain Kroktrius. David was very damaged and it was not known the extent of what was done to him.

Canaan City on the planet New Phoenicia became David's home as reparation efforts were made. ONI discovered that David had found an artifact on a forerunner world but the exact location was still unknown, as that portion of his memory was purposely scrambled by himself to keep the Minister from discovering.

Soon after, The Ministers Fleet arrived to Phoenicia and Fox Platoons first mission went underway to recover David. Now, on Muntauk II, David is still being unscrambled as yet another Covenant Fleet arrived, some speculating elements of it to have belonged to the Ministers private forces.

Update: David having been fully repaired and all pertinent information having been extracted is now serving UNSC Highwayman and the ODST platoon that garrisons it. He has assisted in strategizing multiple contingencies and plans to execute against The Minister aka The Prophet of Devotion.


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