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SSgt Wilhelm Osborne's AAR Reports

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SSgt Wilhelm Osborne's AAR Reports Empty SSgt Wilhelm Osborne's AAR Reports

Post by Sargo922 on Fri Aug 02, 2019 4:14 pm

Loading Field Report

>Selected AAR #001

SUBJECT: After Action Report

1. This after action report is prepared by SSgt Wilhelm Osborne

2. The following is information regarding the contingency itself:

Deployed Location: Muntauk II

Deployed COs:  SSGT Wilhelm Osborne

Deployed NCOs: SGT Kyung Sang

Deployed JNCOs: Cpl Kevin Thomas, LCpl Lance Beaulle, LCpl Niles Lancelot Pershing

3. Objective(s) Completed: Successfully raided and destroyed a Covenant airbase in the mountains near the capital city, crippling localized air partols and supply convoys.

4. DB Count

Allied Infantry lost: 1 (Pfc Gregory Flavins)

Hostile Infantry destroyed: 50+

Allied Equipment lost: All deployed equipment recovered

Hostile Equipment lost: 9 Banshees, 1 Spirit Dropship, 1 Ghost, 1 Wraith, 5 Shade Turrets, Multiple Fuel Storage containers and a Long Range Transmitter

6. Company Status

Equipment: Moderate

Ammo: Moderate

Food: Moderate

Water: Moderate

Morale: Low-Moderate

Closing AAR #001
Loading Personal Logs
Personal Log Loaded
:: Normally I don't write these things, but with Preston away from the unit, someone has to. Things have been rough since the Covenant returned, we've been on the defensive time after time, hoping that any fight with the Covenant doesn't bring down the wrath of god or something from those orbiting ships. ONI asked me...well I suppose told me is a better way of looking at it, to take a few men and destroy a nearby Covenant refueling depot that was being used for their Banshee patrols. Intel said that it was supposed to be lightly defended and that a stealth insertion would be pretty easy, and unsurprisingly they were fucking wrong as usual. I should have called the mission and picked those men up the moment they reported that Wraith tank, even with Lance's Spartan Laser that thing alone could have jeopardized the entire mission. Not to mention the sheer number of troops defending the site and how quick they were able to mount a response force. Anyways, It was Sang's first mission leading on his own and one of the guys we picked up during the opening days, Flavins, got killed by a Brute Captain that got the drop on them, it wasn't Sang's fault from what I heard, he lost track of two of his men during the assault and couldn't check in during the heat of combat as he was engaged with other Covenant forces there, he only found out after Flavins got killed and thanks to Pershing they were able to kill the Captain before anyone else got killed. I already don't trust ONI and I knew I should have been more careful about the missions that they want Fox to undertake, I'll need to speak with Sang at somepoint to let him know that it wasn't his fault, I'm sure he's taking it pretty damn hard. I'm sure Flavins would be happy to hear atleast that they completed the mission and killed almost fifteen times their number at the cost of his own life. Rest easy trooper.


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