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1st LT Jim Preston's AAR Reports

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1st LT Jim Preston's AAR Reports Empty 1st LT Jim Preston's AAR Reports

Post by Scout on Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:51 pm

Loading Field Report

>Selected AAR #001

SUBJECT: After Action Report

1. This after action report is prepared by 1st Lieutenant Jim Preston

2. The following is information regarding the contingency itself:

Deployed Location: Krysaa region, Muntauk

Deployed COs:  1st Lieutenant Jim Preston

Deployed NCOs: SSGT Wilhelm Osborne, SGT Kyle Thomas (K.I.A) , SGT Kyung Sang

Deployed JNCOs: Cpl Kevin Thomas, LCpl Lance Beaulle

3. Objective(s) Completed: Successfully evacuated out of the Krysaa region. Neutralized several Covenant patrols, small outposts, and re-secured supplies to refit unit.

4. DB Count

Allied Infantry lost: 3 (SGT Kyle Thomas, PFC Micheal Julian, PFC Trevor Waltz)

Hostile Infantry destroyed: 50+

Allied Equipment lost: 1 D77-TC Pelican

Hostile Equipment lost: 1 Banshee, 2 Ghosts, 1 comms tower, 1 tower

6. Company Status

Equipment: Low

Ammo: Low

Food: Low

Water: Low

Morale: Low

Closing AAR #001
Loading Personal Logs
Personal Log loaded.

:: I use to write these all the time when I was younger. It was a good outlet for me. It gave me somewhere to put all these things bottled up inside of me. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start again. Mallory is asleep now, and so are the rest of the troopers. I think Kevin is talking to one of our new additions. He doesn't even know yet. Nobody has told him, we thought it best to at least let the meds settle. When we stepped out of that church last night, I didn't expect all of that to happen. The operation was going smoothly, we engaged the enemy, and we won, again, and again. Hell, I was even making stupid jokes at one point. I feel like such an idiot for that.

:: It wasn't until we got to the train station did things change. As we set up defenses, there was this... feeling I had in my gut. Something was wrong, and I knew it. Before we flipped the switch, I looked Elder in the eye and told him that we're Helljumpers, we're meant to be surrounded. He smiled, and pulled the switch, echoing to the troops to hold it together.

:: The Covenant came upon us like waves on a beach. They were relentless. Wave after wave of grunt, jackal, and Brute rushed forward, we held them back. Just as their forces begin to dwindle, the banshees came. They tore us up, I think just about everyone was hit almost, but Elder got hit the worse. His whole body was covered in plasma. Junior got hit bad, too, his whole arm was ripped off. The train powered up just then, and we charged into it, and got out of there.

:: I don't know, I thought Elder would pull through on the train. He always does. I was there, watching him, and I just... saw his lungs stop rising. I called for a medic, but it was too late. There was nothing anyone could have done to save him. Mallory took it the hardest. I don't know how Junior will react. 

:: I found a note in one of his pockets, it somehow survived. It was written to all of us. I'm going to give it to the unit tonight. 

Closing Personal Logs ... 
Personal Log closed.

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