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Conq's shiny new app

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Conq's shiny new app Empty Conq's shiny new app

Post by Conquistador on Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:14 pm

Steam Name: Conquistador
Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:82665589
How long have you been roleplaying?: Longer than I should be proud of
How long have you been playing serious GMod RP?: Same as before
Do you have decent knowledge with the Mass Effect canon?: Yep

Character's Full Name: Cal'Seris nar Tamorn
Character's Age: 21
Character's Physical Description: Cal stands at six feet tall, wearing a black and tan marine biosuit. His body was rather lean (but mean), not exactly bulging with over-sized muscles anywhere. His voice was rather plain and calm, but of course had a Quarian accent to it. His two big white eyes shined behind his visor. The chest section of the suit had a black chest carrier on it, reading off his name, blood type, and a small patch of a Quarian giving a thumbs up. On his broad back, there was a large green backpack resting on his shoulders. Cal's right right had a Dextro IFAK on it, and the left one had a dagger sheathed.
Character's Gender: Male

Race being applied for: Quarian
Write a detailed reason of how your character joined the Citadel Task Force: Cal enlisted with his brother, Raal, in the Quarian marines as soon as he had turned eighteen. He figured that, since everyone was already putting their focus into tech, he'd do something a little different. Cal decided to go into explosives training, specifically, with RPGs. Upon completing their training, the pair hopped around from outpost to outpost. Their careers only really got exciting with the few skirmishes with Geth every now and then. After Shepard had dealt with the Collectors, Raal as stationed on an Asari moon to assist with their technicians. Unfortunately for Cal, it was reported that his brother's station was attacked. Almost all of the personnel at the site died, but his brother's body was never found. Convinced that they had taken him, Cal went to his superior, the local police, and the ship's government for help in finding his brother. But it didn't go anywhere, no one would give him the resources to do what he needed. Figuring he didn't have much to lose, he sent in an application to join the Citadel Task Force. Out of sympathy, his Commander signed the release forum and allowed him to transfer.

List the pros of this race: Hips, above average technological skills, incredibly strong bone structure.
List the cons of this race: Deadly sickness if outside suit for any long periods of time, wounds and infections are much more severe than normal, their physical strength is rather lacking compared to other races, have to go through leaps and bounds to just get regular food.
Do you understand that if you abuse your character's race, you can and will have your character removed: Yes
-(OPTIONAL) If you are playing a rare race/non-council biotic, fill out the below-
What year was your character born?: 2162
How powerful would you say your character is?:About average


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Conq's shiny new app Empty Re: Conq's shiny new app

Post by Pepper on Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:20 pm

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