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Citizen Organized Parade to take place in Akeya

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Citizen Organized Parade to take place in Akeya Empty Citizen Organized Parade to take place in Akeya

Post by Scout on Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:55 pm

Citizen Organized Parade to take place in Akeya Latest?cb=20130614105912
(July, 2548)

Following a raid conducted by ODST forces on the evening of the 10th, a massive Insurrectionist force sitting right below our beloved city has been wiped away. These are the same insurgents responsible for kidnapping, robbing, and murdering our citizens. For the past several months, their raids have plagued our city and drained our food supply. It was discovered that the Innies had a large underground facility, made out of a network of old, abandoned tunnels, that was used to launch attacks on our people. Foxtrot Platoon of the 8th MBG conducted the raid successfully, with no casualties. All Innies inside of the base have either been successfully captured or killed by Foxtrot Platoon.

In celebration of this, a civilian organized group, known as Muntuak's Stands with Earth (MSE) has begun organizing a massive parade to honor the men who risked their lives time in and time out for the planet of Muntuak. Norman Carter, current president of MSE, spoke on the subject.

"You know, in this day and age, there's a lot of crazy stuff going on. The Covenant were here less than a month ago, and that's usually a death sentence for any planet. Not for us though. Thanks to the men and women who protect us, risking everything. Once again, evil laid beneath our very feet here in Akeya, and the same brave men and women who answered the call to arms answered again. I don't want them to think we don't notice that sort of stuff. It means everything to us. Here, we show them that."

The parade itself gathered somewhere close to 1.3 million participants. For the entire day, the streets of Akeya were full of celebration, food, friends, family, and one day that we all won't soon forget.

"It was like we were living in fear for a long, long time. I haven't felt this relieved for... forever!" said one parade-goer.
"I saw those guys! I actually saw them land in the city! Let me tell you, those guys mean business!" said another.
"Eternally grateful!" simply said another.

The phrase "There's a Fox in us all" has been seen on many t-shirts, hats, walls, and TV Broadcasts, serving as a reminder to stand up against the terrorist organization who dwell on this planet.

Citizen Organized Parade to take place in Akeya Nicolas-ferrand-sci-fi-celebration-concept-artist

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