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Riots, Insurrection in wake of Victory at Muntauk

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Riots, Insurrection in wake of Victory at Muntauk Empty Riots, Insurrection in wake of Victory at Muntauk

Post by Vasiil on Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:16 pm

Riots, Insurrection in wake of Victory at Muntauk Latest?cb=20130614105912
July, 2548
Victory has been achieved in the Muntauk System on the colonial planet Muntauk II. A covenant scout fleet was destroyed in space within a matter of hours, though all ground forces were deployed to the planets surface causing a prolonged ground battle. After 2 weeks of intense fighting, the Covenant on the ground were vanquished, with all groundside nuclear silos, which were used to destroy the covenant fleet so quickly, being secured. Despite the strategic victory, the Covenant were able to strike a heavy blow on the civilian population in the Colonial Capital city of Novosiminsk.

UNSC ground forces were more heavily allocated to the Kuban Fields to secure nuclear silos. The adequacy of the military forces guarding Novosiminsk were wrongly estimated leading to the destruction of civilian assets and very much more importantly, food supplies. Food supply caches as well as agricultural fields and greenhouses were targeted and destroyed by Covenant ground forces that acted as if they knew very well what they were doing.

It is because of these losses, that riots are beginning, despite the recent victory. Colonists living in poorer conditions without easy access to food are beginning to riot and protest about the situation. These riots commonly lead to looting of middle and upper class areas for their food. Local police are being assisted by UNSC Army in some areas as martial law is declared where the situations have deteriorated to an almost untenable level. Local Insurrectionists cells are taking advantage of the situation to up their activity. Their involvement lead to violence last week when a government building in Novosiminsk was bombed, killing a local administrator as well as several office workers and security personnel.

UNSC Army Garrison Commander and by extension, Commander of all ground forces planetside, Lieutenant General Maxim Ostrovsky, has promised to retaliate to the Insurrection movement with full force. The most recent anti insurgent operation was carried out by ODSTs days ago leading to the arrest of a top field commander and the seizure of a small arsenal of black market weapons and ammunition.
This has been a UNSC Official public news broadcast.

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