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Post by Scout on Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:25 am

Subject: 2 knight lancelot!

knight niles lancelot pershing! where are you? are you figting dragons somewhere? or maybe the big bad aliens! did you like my helmet? does it fit? i hope so! i used the last of my paper machete to use it! sorry if it was a litle wet i didnt get to finish it all the way. are you going to visit soon? its ok ivan told me that knights have to go fight big battles. stay safe! ples come see me soon! i didnt get to tell you but you talk like my dad before he also went off to fight. he was a knight too! mommy was too, but i dont know if girl knights have a different name. ivan says that my mom and dad are still fighting to protect us, can you tell them to visit me soon? its been forever since i have seen them! but knights have a big important job so i understand and dont worry im not mad at you!

ok i have to go now but write me back if you can! 

-- kelly

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Post by Conquistador on Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:35 pm

Subject: reply to Her Highness

Ma'am, as it currently stands, your loyal servant is deployed somewhere dangerous right now fighting those villainous aliens that attempted to thwart us! I am pleased to report that the helmet is wonderful and that I adore how well it fits my head. I am very sorry to say, though, that I am unsure of when I can next visit. If I get the opportunity, I shall at once visit you. And I see your parents, I will be sure to tell them at their Princess would like to see them. I must go for now, your highness. I want you to know that your letters remind me of what we all fight for.

Until next time, your loyal and humble servant.


PS: Girls can be Knights too.


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