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K.I.A Julio Viteri

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K.I.A Julio Viteri Empty K.I.A Julio Viteri

Post by Revival on Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:39 pm

Select CSV File.

>...Cassidy Hayes... (Active)
>...Hugo Perrin...(Active)
>...Morgan Shield... (Medical Leave)
>Julio Viteri :: Julio Viteri Selected.

Loading CSV File.

Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
K.I.A Julio Viteri Fa5cbc80889636ef810c664e6c8aae0e

Name: Julio Viteri
Known Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Ranking: Pfc
Religious Preference: Christian
Homeworld/Province: Sargasso
Spoken Language(s): UNSC Standard English, Spanish
Service Tag: 17921-62379-JV

Physical Appearance:
6'2 / Spanish Accent / Dark Brown Hair / Beard / Dark Blue Eyes / Muscular Body Frame / Machete Holstered On Right Hip / ODST Uniform /

Vocal Sample:

(Spoilers for Borderlands 2)

Personnel Military Information.

Training: Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Training, Reconnaissance Marine Training, Marine Basic Training, Pointman Basic Training
Specialization: Pointman
Assignment: 8th MEF, 8th MEB, 36th Marine Regiment, Fox Reconnaissance Platoon
Operational Status: Active Duty
Previous Post(s): [Data Corrupted]
MOS/Specialization: Pointman
Awards and Decorations: Purple Heart
Battle/Engagement Record: Assorted Covenant Battles
Graduating Class: 2540 (Marines), 2546 (ODST)
Casualty Classification: [N/A unless you are KIA/WIA]
Time In Service: Eight Years


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance:UNSCDF
Listed Liked Factions:
Listed Disliked Factions:
Listed Neutral Factions: Any Unlisted
Hostile Factions: Covenant

Personal Relationships.




Any Unlisted Crew members: So far these crew members seem pretty reasonable, I haven't had a reason to dislike nor like em'. They're holding up well. This crew is solid and I like em. Let's hope this streak continues.

James Banner: Head of the main military squad it seems like, decent enough man, not a meathead by any standards. Definitely built for leadership.



'Shield': Whoever this guy is it looks like he was respected in our Gunnery Sergeant's eyes. Well, I don't blame him. Had his arm ripped off, then proceeded to blow the jaw off of a brute? That would make me think he's a bad-ass instantly. Sounds like the stories my grandpa would tell me.




Personal History.

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