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Marc-Antoine Clarieaux

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Marc-Antoine Clarieaux Empty Marc-Antoine Clarieaux

Post by Sillykilla on Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:26 am

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Prename: Marc-Antoine
Surname: Clarieaux
POB: Skopje, unnamed system, UEG Inner Colony
Spoken Languages: English, French.
Educational Institutions Attended: High School Education
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic
Vocal Sample: Doc Voice Lines, Rainbow SIx Siege

Father: Pierre Clarieaux
Mother: Denise Claireaux
Next of Kin: N/A
Marital Status: Single


Race: Caucasian
Blood Type: O+
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 Lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
DOB: 11/10/2523
Age: 25


• Marc-Antoine's home world was destroyed by the Covenant in 2547, resulting in the death of a majority of his Family, Friends and people he knew. However they are still unaccounted for, however he stays hopeful and won't be distracted from his work due to the fact that they may pop up any time.

•Marc-Antoine's family does have Insurrectionist ties before the war started and before he was born. Primarily his Father who supported the URF while his Uncle who belonged to the URF, however once the war started their outlook changed toward Humanities Survival. His outlook toward the Insurrectionists remain a positive one.

•Marc-Antoine has three brothers all of them serving in the UNSC Armed Forces. One in the Marines, One Pilot in the Navy and a Intelligence Officer for the Navy. He is the youngest out of the bunch

Marc-Antoine Clarieaux Z

Serial Identification Number: 325529-30927-AC
Date of Enlistment: 11/25/2541
Rank: Hospital man Second Class (E-5)
Military Training:
• UNSC Navy Bootcamp (2542)
• UNSC Naval 'A' School - Corpsman NEC training (2542)
• Field Medical Service School (2542)
• Marine Reconnaissance Course (2544)
• UNSC Special Operations Combatant Medical Course(2544)
• Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Training (2546)
Occupation: HM-8427 Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Corpsman
Current Assignment: Fox Reconnaissance Platoon
Branch of Service: UNSC Navy
Criminal Record: N/A
Operation History:

• Assigned to UNSC Royal Fortune in 2542 as a Hospital Corpsman assigned to the 2nd Battalion 7th Marine Division to support operations and act a QRF with the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Here he was involved in the beginning stages of the Battle of Allusion where the UNSC forces set up a evacuation center in the capital city and held it against overwhelming covenant forces. Hospital-man Claireaux saw heavy combat with the Covenant as well as applying medicine to the many injured marines in his platoon. Him and his team were forced to pull out and evacuate the City

• In 2543 he was assigned to the same QRF but was involved in a ship battle known as the Battle of 18 Scorpii where his ship took some minor damage and him as well as a few other corpsman provided aid to marines and crewmen. The UNSC were backed up by Insurrectionist forces in the area to fight the covenant back. During this year was relatively quiet for Claireaux where the QRF kept at the ready with training and a eerie silence after the previous events.

• In 2544 he volunteered  to be a SARC and with his CO's approval he went to undergo the training and simulations on board the ship, however it was interrupted when his unit was called to action to take part in the Battle of Miridem. Here once again he saw heavy conflict with the Covenants overwhelming forces and were forced to evacuate. The majority of the fleeing space craft were shot down but the damaged MEU managed to make it out with some Civilian Refugees. At the end of this year and a few weeks break he would eventually complete the courses in order to be a recon marine. He served under the same Marine Division and remained close with the friends he made in his previous position.

• In 2545 his unit was assigned to assist forces in the Battle of Acticum where Covenant Forces outnumbered the UNSC's. His first time in his Recon role and performed well according to his CO. They held out in the City and provided excellent positioning on Covenant Forces allowing to buy time for Evacuation Craft to escape before being pulled off the line and forced to retreat and escort the rest of the Evacuation Craft out of the planet.

• In 2546 he was selected by his CO out of 25 other people in the Battalion to try the selection to be a Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and were sent to Reach to begin the Grueling and long Selection process that the ODST's demanded. In 2546 after barley passing selection he was able to call himself a Shock Trooper and was assigned to a new unit where he left all of his previous buddies behind, within the 7th Shock Troops Battalion under the famed 105th Shock Troops Division. Here he would stay on Reach for the remainder of the year where riots have gotten out of control and his unit was sent in as a Peace Keeping force.

• In 2547 his unit was activated to patrol sectors of the Inner Colonies when his home world, Skopje was under attack. The ODST's of his company defended AA platforms before being forced to fall back to hold evacuation zones for the ships to come in and evacuate civilians. As a result his unit took heavy losses and were forced to retreat. Claireaux after this remained rather phased at the lost of his home world and his family who have yet to be accounted for.

• In 2548 due to the sheer destruction of his previous unit he and the remnants we're separated and sent to other Units in the ODST's, some remained in the same Division while Claireaux was transferred to his current unit where he resides now as a Hospital Corpsman within a Recon Platoon of the ODSTs. Where they were assigned to Mantuak to counter the Covenant Scout forces and deal with Insurrectionists. Claireaux remains planet bound, fighting with his unit.  

(In subjects own words during an interview)
Battle Buddy | Friend| Likes | Annoyed |

✞GySgt James Banner:
"The Gunny isn't a bad mad at all and gave me a bit of a warm welcome when I arrived. Heard he's been with this unit through the thick and thin of most major battles. Proven himself to me as a capable combat leader and a good man. I hope he sees me in the same light, look forward to working with him more."
"Rest easy Gunny, didn't have the chance to know you like some of the other people here, but it would of been nice. You were a good leader and someone who I never doubted, you lead this platoon through a lot.  I'm sorry I tried everything in my power to save you.

✞Sgt. Kyle Thomas:
"One of the senior members in my team, got fucked up pretty good the other day. Didn't seem to keen on me checking in on him a lot though, hope he doesn't blame me though. He did take a fuckin' hunters weight to the head. Glad he's alright though, last thing I wanna see is another human dead. His brother is also in the platoon, easier going through all of this with your brother at your side, wish I had the same luxury."
-UPDATE- (Likes -> Friend)
"Corporal now Sergeant him and his brother were the first team I was assigned too and they've welcomed me in as one of their own fairly well. He's one of the better NCO's I had the pleasure of serving with. He's been through a lot and his brother and I have been there for him when he took some heavy hits. Glad he's still rockin' and rolling though."
"Just as I was starting to warm up to you, you go and die on me. I'm going to miss you Elder, you were a great leader in the fire team and I enjoyed working with you and talking to you. I'm glad you're at peace now, no more fighting, no more war. I got your brothers back for you, I wish I could of done something to help you."

LCpl Kevin Thomas:
"Kyles brother, also in my team. Haven't heard much from him besides him getting patched up. He seems like a decent dude and he is a trooper after all, hopefully I'll get to know everyone a bit better including him. "
-UPDATE- (Likes -> Friend)
"A beast with the MG and someone to always rely on, like I said him and his brother welcomed me into their team with open arms and that's something I'll never forget. They have my back and rest assured I have theres. I can't believe I nearly saw him die infront of me, glad I got to my magnum in time. Don't need another good soul dying to this unforgiving war."
-UPDATE-(Friend -> Battle Buddy)
"He also got hit pretty bad last night but I managed to fix him up, he saved me so I guess we're even now. I could of told him about his brother but i didn't wanna do it while he was in and out of conciousness, don't think it's my place too either. That's the job for the Lieutenant. Regardless I'll have his back and make sure he stays level headed, We've all lost best friends in this war, but I can't say I ever lost my own flesh and blood. I got your back Junior, I'll do whatever I can."

HM2 Mallory King:
"The Corpsman in the other team within the Platoon. She knows her shit and I'm glad I can count on her when I need her. Don't know much about her to say anything else, but I did have my worries of who I would be working with when I arrived, glad I didn't end up with someone sucky."
"Haven't really spoken to her much on a personal level, she got promoted though and it was well deserved. She backed me up with my medicine when I needed it and I did the same for her. Glad to see she's still rocking and rolling despite taking some nasty hits as well. Hope to speak to her more."
"She was the one who was Treating Kyle when he got hit, nothing she could of done about that. I hope she doesn't blame herself I can't tell you how many people I've had die on me, or the amount of people that I helped saved. It's a balancing act. I'll have to talk to her and pick her mind, hopefully I'll be able to help out."

SSgt. Wilhelm Osborne:
"The other teams leader, he seems like an alright dude. Again, can't say I know much about him besides he leads his team well. They're lucky to have someone like him."
-UPDATE-(Likes -> partially annoyed)
"His first introduction as the Platoon Sergeant and he pulled some things behind our back, ONI wanted us to kill woman and children and we both know they won't find out about that order, nor would they care. He went in and made it seem like he killed them all, not sure if it was a stunt to impress the Troopers or make them fear them. We cleared the air though and I hope he proves he can be trusted. However, he still is a good combat leader and I would still follow him, I'm just going to be wary. "

SSgt Greger Vikerson:
The leader of my team, from what I saw he can be a bit hot headed but I don't particularly mind working with him despite of it. He's shown me he can lead the team decently and I won't complain as long as we all do our jobs correctly and get the mission done. Other then that I don't know too much about him."
"He's gone and I'm not sure where, never got the chance to really know him but he seemed decent enough. Hope all is good, Trooper."

1stLt Jim Preston:
"The Platoon leader, didn't see too much of him since he's trying to pull some strings for us and get us all sorted. He was on Skopje as a NCO at the time before jumping through the hoops of becoming an Officer. Usually I am a bit nervous about a new Officer but I trust him to lead us down the right path. I wonder if he ran into anyone from my home, I'll have to talk to him about that. "
"Still never got to talk about Skopje, got promoted though to a First Lieutenant. That's pretty good to see. Don't seem him around much beside the briefings and occasionally on base, can't say I blame him though, glad I'm not an Officer. Hope to touch base and talk with him soon, he's a good man.

✞PFC Julio Viteri :
"Only time I've gotten to know him was when he got hit and I had to patch him up. Only to have him throw himself ontop of an Elite with a Plasma Grenade. He saved me and the team and I witnessed everything, it's gonna take me awhile to forget about what I just saw. I hope he's found his peace and finally escaped this long brutal war. "

✞LCpl Morgan Shield :
"Saved Elders life, very brave of him. Shitty it was an Innie who didn't see the values of us bonding together to fight the Aliens. That's the only way they'd ever want to see change without conflict. The war still continues, rest easy Shield."

15 JUL 48:
"Was apart of my first crash landing, I survived which was pretty neat. I'm hopped up on a stimpack and I need something to ease my thoughts. The place we landed reminds me a lot of my home world, Skopje. It brings me back to when I was a kid and I saw the snowfall and the trees, I'm going to miss it. The cold isn't too bad with the armor on but some people seem to have a hole in their suit from a injury or the armor not applied properly, I feel bad for them but at least they're getting treated. I trust the Lieutenant will lead us to get the hell out of here --- The Covenant is back but they seem a bit different than a usual force, thats what shot us down. Hopefully we can either find somewhere to get the hell off of this planet or have orders to hold it. But for once, It's nice being out of the war and letting your mind focus on other things, even if its crash landed in the middle of a freezing forest.  

20 JUL 48:
Marc-Antoine Clarieaux Unknown
"First time I've been on a train, not the circumstances I would like to be but I still feel the inner child of me liking the experience for the first time. Fox has been through a lot the past couple of days and this is my first time being able to sit down and write about it, been mostly sleeping up until now where I can squeeze some writing in. Me and King finished up Juniors arm a few hours ago and I decided to take a nap but now I can't seem to go back and rest. I'm going to miss Elder not going to lie, he was a good friend and a even better leader and trooper. I wish I've gotten to know him a little more or just work with him for a little longer but he is what made the awkward transition to a new unit for me a lot easier, him and Banner. I hate seeing people die but I'd like to hope it's better than being here and fighting everyday of your life. I heard we're getting off the train soon, I wonder where that would take us next.

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