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Scraped by Death

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Scraped by Death Empty Scraped by Death

Post by Lapis on Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:13 pm

January 20th, 2227, Silean Nebula

Scraped by Death VeYmWrY
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The Architect's torso came to a crash inside the Dreadnought's massive hangar bay. As the plating sealed up behind, dozens of drones flooded to their leader's assistance. The pod containing the Architect's body was lifted from the mechsuit's torso, and immediately flown down massive, shifting tubular vents and into an isolated room with a single, arched window viewing out of the front. Containment doors slammed shut to seal the room, and a medical suite shifted itself into the forefront from the floor and ceiling. The Architect's glass-like pod slammed open, the mirky blue-green fluid flowing out like a torrent. The Architect fell out of the pod, ripping off his breathing and control apparatus. He coughed and spluttered, his black eyes bulging from their sockets. "Advisor... Scan for contaminents, now!" The Advisor floated down from a small control center in the ceiling. A blue scan wave ran over the Architect's pallid flesh. "<:: One species of unknown bacteria detected, Architect." The Architect coughed once more, wiping his lips as he stood. "That damned biotic... If the fool Raloi hadn't allowed his sword to be taken... And the Krogan! The beast nearly bludgeoned me to death! Get us back to the outpost, now." The ship shuddered and shifted into interstellar flight mode as the Advisor said "<:: Yes, Architect."


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The Architect sat on his command chair, now wearing his skintight, pure white fatigues. He maneuvered through the stolen data from the SSV Constantinople that his machines had recovered some months ago. He settled on the pictures of the marines. "Osborne. Banner. Arglack. Seria... Such a shame they can be of no use to me now." The Advisor floated up next to the Architect's right arm, observing. "<:: What of their AI, Architect? It is noted they have a first generation Quantum Blue Box AI aboard their vessel." The Architect rubbed his hairless chin, deep in thought. "It is an option. For now, we will continue with the project. Formulate a plan to deal with this thorn in our side in the meantime." The Advisor turned and levitated back to the control center in the ceiling as it uttered, "<:: Yes, Architect."
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