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Post by Kravis on Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:05 pm

2186. Onboard the SSV Consantinople

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"And how is he doing? The Doctor didn't say anything bad about the visit. He said the genetic therapy went good." Richard William stood half-bent over a oil-stained table in the Engineering department of the ship. Right next to the window looking out to the Tantalus Drive Core. He looked to his right where a video-call was in process with a younger looking woman. "He's doing fine, Richard. There's no need to worry." "Well, You know with my age there tends to be problems.." The woman chuckled saying "He's going to grow-up perfectly fine, Richard. How are you? I heard there's been..rumors."

Richard grew hard in the face and stopped his work. He looked over his shoulder for a moment, watching a blue-suited quarian walking from the interior mainframe towards life support before finally exiting through it. He looked back saying "They said something big is coming. They think the batarians are mobilizing because of the incident that Shepard pulled. Good on him I say, The rest of the Alliance ain't so calm though. They're having us head back to Earth for something.." The woman frowned saying "Will you come see us?" Richard looked to the video feed with a smile peeking out through his long beard. "Course I will. I'll see you soon, honey. I gotta go back to work. Tell Ryan I miss 'em." The woman nodded and offered a kiss to Richard. Which he comically caught in the air and placed against his heart. He turned the computer off and sighed.

The ship's alarms blared off as a stern, voice came over the intercom. "Everyone gear up, We just lost communication with Luna."

2218. Onboard the SSV Austin,

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"Tell the Captain I'm not letting those men go down there without reinforcements. I'll take Pincer and go with them. Those men are going to need our help when those soldiers from Gatol come pushing through." Ryan William took his N7 helmet and slipped it on over his head. He maglocked his Lancer onto his back and looked over towards the Staff Lieutenant as he spoke. "You'll be the only one going down there then, Ryan. The Captain is ordering a full retreat. Those men volunteered for civilian rescue. If you want to join them then go ahead." Ryan tap on his omni-tool and dispense a neural suppressant to his L5 Implants saying "Someone has to. Because they won't make it without the help." Ryan glared at the Staff Lieutenant as he went towards the hanger bay. The Staff Lieutenant shook his head and went back towards the elevator.

*Three hours later*

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Ryan grabbed a boy and threw him up onto the kodiak with the rescue squad. Ryan along with his squad, Pincer, Were stuck on a hill fort evacuating the last of the colonists while Gatol drop-ships quickly dispersed soldiers to raid the colony and take down the rest of the Alliance and the civilians. Pincer was occupied by Civilians who've taken up arms and the volunteers who came down from the SSV Austin. The Volunteers focused on holding out and suppressing the incoming soldiers while Pincer loaded them up onto three kodiaks. Ryan looked back for a moment and saw a soldier take a slug to the shoulder. He fell down and his comrade next to him looked down at him and back at the advancing soldiers. Ryan quickly stepped out and drew his Lancer. He slapped the marine's shoulder saying "Get your friend and get him out. I'll take your place." The marine looked at him and nodded quickly. He grabbed his comrade and quickly pulled him back towards the kodiaks. Ryan popped up and took down three gatol attackers with a quick burst from his Lancer.

Ryan ducked down and looked back at the men. Seeing the last of the civilians being loaded onto the Kodiak. The last kodiak opened up. Allowing the Volunteers to fallback and extract. The men fell back one by one until Ryan was left. But just as he started sprinting a Gatol soldier popped up and nailed him in the back. Ryan stumbled forward and started to glow with biotics. Soon a whole squad popped up and got ready to fire, however Ryan spun around and unleashed a biotic shockwave to toss them off the side of the fortifications. He quickly threw himself in the kodiak and was pulled in by the Volunteers. The three kodiaks quickly took off and dispersed into the atmosphere. One of the marines knelt down saying "You alright, sir?"

Ryan cracked a smile underneath his helmet and grabbed his hand. Giving it a reassuring grip as he said "I'm not, but the colony is thanks to our efforts..Tell the pilot we can still meet up with the SSV Austin before they pull out." The Marine nods saying "Yes sir!" with a encouraging tone. Ryan stood up slowly and looked out over the colony. He chuckled and said to himself "Vos autem non segnes efficiamini." with some effort to correct his accent mid-way. He glanced and watched the Gatol frigates head down onto the surface before passing out inside the kodiak from exhaustion.
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