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Bird Revolt

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Bird Revolt Empty Bird Revolt

Post by Kravis on Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:42 am

USER: Anonymous
POST TITLE: Bird Revolt
SUBJECT: Crazy Raloi?

*A 24 second webm featuring someone recording from inside a small citadel frigate patrolling and guarding the Mass Relay inside the Wingspread Expanse. The camera pans over towards two Imperial raloi cruisers. One mounted with some strange weaponry on it's front bow. The cannon fires a blinding, white laser that slams into the hull and kills the person holding the camera instantly. The video cuts out and loops back to the beginning.*


Anonymous: Fake and you guessed it, gay.

Jaior31: This looks sketchy as fuck. Is this some shitty movie coming out? That gun doesn't even exist irl.

Oaeron: That's a huge bitch.

Mulatto03: Is that the Raloi? Are they finally manning the fuck up?

Ra'dell09: aufio vwrsuon plz

guam: guam

Anonymous: based and greenpilled
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