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Our Worst Fear Realized

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Our Worst Fear Realized Empty Our Worst Fear Realized

Post by Pepper on Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:11 pm


Our Worst Fear Realized Earth
Brothers and Sisters, from Earth to Shanxi, from the inner colonies to the outer colonies, we are all affected by what I am about to tell you. One of Humanity's greatest heroes is missing, or worse, dead. Nobody has seen or heard from Travis Kelce in weeks. All attempts by 2157 to reach him have failed. His own corporation has no idea where he is. There is a conspiracy afoot to eliminate the Voice of Humanity and we must do something to stop it. Gather your weapons, gather your family, gather your friends and MARCH. Let those alien bastards and alien sympathizers that they'll never get away with it. Hit'em where it hurts too, withdraw all your money from the banks. Bring the system to a grinding halt. Travis Kelce raised Hell for Humanity and we're gonna raise Hell for him.

Our Worst Fear Realized Alex-jones-image-2-616x440
Join me on Shanxi and we'll make our voices heard.

2157 will commence again!
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