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Last Rites

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Last Rites Empty Last Rites

Post by Kravis on Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:25 pm

January 7th, 2227, Coastal City of Verhana, Rakje

Last Rites Oasis_multinational_by_tryingtofly-db1drm1

"His body is missing sir." A drell stepped into view, wearing a long coat caked with sand. He shook his head as the Minister of Defense, Arakriel Celembrios pondered over a missing, metallic coffin laying on the ground. "What did this? Who could of done this? The Constantinople assured us his body would reach us safely." The other drell shook his head saying "Our frigate rendezvoused with the transport craft sir. It was unharmed. And the piloting LOCUST mechs didn't appear phased. It's as if they loaded a empty coffin." Arakriel looked towards the man and furrowed his brow saying "Unacceptable. There's no way that they would of done this to us. The Alliance is our ally and the 2nd MSRC can be fully trusted. Something else is amiss here."

The two fell silent as a door opened up to the room. A drell stepped inside with her hands behind her back saying "What happened? What happened to -him-?" She asked. Arakriel looked over at her and bowed his head. He stepped to the side saying "I wasn't told you were informed. I was planning on visiting you myself." The woman shook her head saying "I received the message from one of the Constantinople's corpsmen. A human named Octavius. What has become of his body?" Arakriel turned to the coffin saying "I don't know. It showed up empty. The Alliance wouldn't lie to us or do something like this. He-" The woman stepped past him and he paused. He fell silent.

The woman knelt near the coffin and rubbed her hands against it. She paused for a moment and ran her hands over it again. Her palm slowly retracted itself from the coffin and she clenched her fists saying "No..They didn't lie to us." She stood up and grabbed Arakriel's hand and pulled him down to the coffin. He knelt near her and felt the coffin as she forced his hand to the surface. He looked perplexed as he rubbed his hand over the coffin slowly saying "No...No they did not.." He slowly rose to his feet saying "I know what's responsible for this...Tahel. A moment, please." The drell wearing the coat offered a salute and went outside the room. The woman turns to Arakriel and said with scorn. "Where have they taken my father...What do they plan on doing with /him/?"
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