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2nd MSRC Assets

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2nd MSRC Assets Empty 2nd MSRC Assets

Post by Kravis on Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:19 pm

With the Inusannon and Remnant threat being pursued by the 2nd MSRC. The Citadel Council has begun amassing and cooperating with the Systems Alliance in securing the assets assisted by the 2nd MSRC in preparation for the fight against the Remnant's Architect and the Inusannon's Hivemind.

SR-1 Frigate SSV Constantinople

2nd MSRC Assets Dc2d585e8a2672ce1667708e99f5c756
The SSV Constantinople is a state of the art stealth cruiser. A second generation SR1 Model, it's capabilities are similar to that of the Normandy in its base model. However, many modifications have been made to the vessel to make it into a much more formidable ship that can rival the SR2 model.
Asset Power: 300

Unshackled AI 'Connie'

2nd MSRC Assets 273-2-1403483451
The very existence of the unshackled AI Connie isn't exactly public knowledge being developed by the top secret Alliance Combat Application and Development Group and makes just one more part of the highly formidable crew of the Constantinople. Hundreds of supporting VI programs allow Connie to perform tasks from ship functions to ground coordination. With the newly developed AI Fragment carrier, Connie is able to make a direct connection to 2nd MSRC ground teams and coordinate them with an 'SOP' program for a short amount of time. She also possesses a mobile platform based on a Cerberus Infiltration Mech, and has been unshackled by her Commanding Officer so that she may use all possible avenues to combat any threat and keep her crew alive and well, and the SSV Constantinople functioning.
Asset Power: 150

Raik Arglack

2nd MSRC Assets 4LfDOIq
A massive krogan warlord hailing from Tuchanka. Arglack served with the 2nd MSRC back during the middle of the Reaper-war and has seen countless horrors encountered by the 2nd MSRC. Arglack's strength and endurance ensured that he made it to the very end of the war. And afterwards left the 2nd MSRC to pursue a life after the war. Now with the galaxy back in jeopardy. The big bastard is back once again; Hoping that this time the galaxy just might be able to rest in peace afterwards.
Asset Power: 165

Gatol: Alliance Garrison Remnants

2nd MSRC Assets De53facc50125df24b469ef77350f6ed
After surviving for years on end with the Gatolian Resistance. The 31st Infantry Division that was stationed on Gatol finally managed to regroup after the final push into the capital to put a end to the Gatolian conflict. Now the Remnants of the Garrison have pledged their newfound knowledge of guerrilla warfare and deception to the 2nd MSRC as thanks for helping liberate Gatol and freeing their most seasoned, living member; Jack Miller. Having survived so many countless patrols, ambushes and assaults. The Garrison Remnants will prove to be a formidable ally against the Inusannon and the Remnants.
Asset Power: 100

Krogan: Aralakh Company

2nd MSRC Assets Krogan_warriors_by_gelvuun-d4u70ht
Ancient Tuchankan legends claim that the Aralakh Wastes, named after the system's star, are where the first warrior died in battle. Aralakh Company is made up of krogan from all over Tuchanka, each chosen for their strength, ferocity, and fighting experience. No krogan community would dream of sending anything less than its finest warriors to represent the Junta. The honor of who's to be chosen for the company has started more than one brawl. Their leader falls to the shoulders of Urdnot Grunt. The very same krogan who traveled with Shepard and lead the Company during the Reaper war. Now a trusted leader and adviser to Urdnot Wrex. When the time comes. Grunt has promised to aid the 2nd MSRC in dealing with their foes.

However. Much of the company only numbers around a hundred and twenty krogan. As many of it's former members died to the Krogan Plague, or were put down for resisting the Citadel Cure.
Asset Power: 220

Krogan: Tomkah Titan

2nd MSRC Assets 8a0cd802f60730f1826866200c94b2c1
The Mark II Tomkah Titan is a fossil from the Krogan Rebellions. It was designed as a mobile fortress to act as a safe haven for Krogan soldiers on captured colonies. Built to withstand the harsh terrain of Tuchanka and to survive outside the initial blast of a nuclear warhead, The Titan is vital for sustaining a assault on a enemy colony without capable command ships. Thus giving it the job as a mobile FOB. The Titan that helped the 2nd MSRC was gifted to the Systems Alliance by Urdnot Wrex for their service to his people. The Titan has since then been outfitted with Alliance colors, technology and supplies and remains ready to deploy should the 2nd MSRC ever need it.
Asset Power: 50

Salarian: Special Task Group No. 2 'Bravo'

2nd MSRC Assets 980x
After the entire controversy with Councilor Akasis as well as the new Plague. The Salarian Union has mended it's uncertain wounds with the Krogan. Now united a common enemy known as the Archiect, Bravo team has been selected to aid the 2nd MSRC in information gathering and sabotage against both the Inusannon threat and the Remnant invaders. Although much smaller compared to their other fellow groups. Bravo team has been awarded various accommodations to prove that they're up for the job.
Asset Power: 120

Martin Banner

2nd MSRC Assets AlTonmF
Trained by the best the Alliance had to offer before and during the Reaper War. Martin Banner is a legendary soldier in the eyes of the 2nd MSRC's old crew. He lead the unit second-in-command next to the Old Commander and was with the crew until the very end. After the war he went on to wrestle with his old demons and ignite new ones until he became the leader of Anhur. Now freed from the Inusannon's control. Banner hopes to continue the fight to save the galaxy once more down to the very last battle, and this time, It might just be for him.
Asset Power: 350

Geth: The Heretics

2nd MSRC Assets IMG_5907
After hearing the message given out by the Heretic's overlord. Commander Michael Wolff saw it fit to spare the Heretics from their fate and free those who were willing to leave the station in order to assist in taking down the Architect and the Inusannon. Now these Geth hope to avenge their past deeds and rejoin their brethren and their creators. (prob be edited later by vasiil)
Asset Power: 300

Geth: Invictus' dreadnought

2nd MSRC Assets 5a84eb0ce62cbf1c6ffafa9c03f49703
'Invictus' was a old geth unit that served alongside the 2nd MSRC back during the Reaper War. It was responsible for locating the Old Commander and bringing him back to the unit after suffering a near-fatal attack from the Reaper, Harbinger. During the war it made a sacrifice to save the crew from being destroyed from a Reaper Destroyer. However it soon reunited with the group on Earth, but as a fragment of it's former self. To that end it served with the crew and assisted in coordinating the assets at the London service tunnel before the final assault.

Invictus has pledged his support to the 2nd MSRC after assisting the quarians with the heretic situation. Stating that "<:: My service to Banner and Greene was a pivotal moment for my old collective. To serve Banner again and stop another galaxy-ending threat would be preferable to orbiting Rannoch without cause."
Asset Power: 500

Anhur: Anhurian Hunters

2nd MSRC Assets 3D22A17558949A76B3A42B51FB333CC665C0DFA1
Enforcers, Assassins and Saboteurs. The Anhurian Hunters have protected against any exterior threats that would endanger the planet of Anhur and her people. With the Inusannon and the Architect looming over the Anhur's future. The Hunters have been called into action and pledge their support to Banner and the 2nd MSRC. Their new leader seeks to destroy all those who'd support the Inusannon or the Architect by any means necessary.
Asset Power: 175

Anhur: Anhurian Regiment 3rd Battlegroup

2nd MSRC Assets Cqsm3WJ
3rd Battlegroup Logo
Constantly fighting in the wars between the Batarian Hegemony and Confederacy, the 3rd Battlegroup is the largest and most seasoned battlegroup in the entire Anhurian Regiment. They are the only group that were not disarmed after the battle of Tungel and still maintain a large ground force as well as a carrier group from the Anhurian Security Fleet known as Battlegroup Lambert(The name of the carrier). After Chalkhos was harvested by Inusannon, the 3rd Battlegroup swore vengeance and began a new campaign against the Inusannon
Asset Power: 300

Alliance: 49th Infantry Division

2nd MSRC Assets After_the_fall_by_ihavenoname323-d5aeftu
On Captain Keith Langson's orders. The SSV Austin gave chase to the 2nd Inusannon bioship that passed near Gatol space. After the ship caught up with the bioship and hampered it's progress with a quick attack, the SSV Austin was heavily damaged and was forced to make a emergency jump to the nearest planet available. The SSV Austin crashed down on the planet's surface and was quickly overwhelmed by the Inusannon forces that had already infected the city there. The survivors split from the wreckage with one going north and another going south. 2nd Lieutenant Ryan William's southern team didn't manage to make it all in one piece with only two soldiers left standing, the Lieutenant and Sergeant Alexi Pavlov. The Northern team however managed to evade the infected forces and hold out on the north-tip of the city until the reactor was detonated. They were later found and rescued by Anhurian forces after taking shelter deep underground. Now they've been reunited with the 2nd Lieutenant and sworn to come to the 2nd MSRC's aid the next time they ever run into the Inusannon in order to get some payback for losing nearly everyone on board the SSV Austin.
Asset Power: 200

((There's probably more that needs to be added.))

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2nd MSRC Assets Empty Re: 2nd MSRC Assets

Post by Kravis on Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:17 am

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2nd MSRC Assets Empty Re: 2nd MSRC Assets

Post by Vasiil on Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:28 pm


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2nd MSRC Assets Empty Re: 2nd MSRC Assets

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