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Turning over a new leaf

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Turning over a new leaf Empty Turning over a new leaf

Post by Kravis on Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:18 am

Subject: Returning the favor

Hello Earth-clan. I'd like to extend my thanks to you once again for helping my small business on Chalkhous. Your crew's help was a great stroke of luck and in return I'd like to offer my services. Although I am rather stunted when it comes to full on combat. I've served in the 13th Auxiliary corps with the Hierarchy. I specialize in installing high-grade weapon, armor and omni-tool mods. Along with these I'd also like to offer my license for my co-workers back on Illium to provide access to high-grade weapons far sooner than regular requisition services could provide. I only ask that you respond as soon as you can before you head back to Alliance space.

- Dorlan Nababahluo
Lead Coder

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Turning over a new leaf Empty Re: Turning over a new leaf

Post by Meach on Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:37 am


Mr. Nababahluo,

I would love to have you aboard, your skillset will be very useful. I have to warn you it will be dangerous, but you'll be helping the Galaxy. I'll have a background check done on you (just a formality) and then send a Kodiak to pick you up.

Thank you,

-Lieutenant Commander Wolff

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