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After Action Report 1/6/2227

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After Action Report 1/6/2227 Empty After Action Report 1/6/2227

Post by VailTheAvali on Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:37 pm
Subject: After Action Report

After Action Report: Jan 6th, 2227

1300 Hours - Arrived on the planet Chalkhos in Heghran City.

1330 Hours - Local merchants requested help in taking care of mercenary forces, notified Martin Banner. Gained clearance from Martin Banner to carry out Operation.

1345 Hours - Gathered a strike team consisting of Vail Seria, Tacia Victomus, Leon Marshall, Valonia Agonis, and Private First Class Muldoon.

1350 Hours - Gathered local intelligence and orbital scans of the Mercenary complex, armaments, personnel, etc.

1400 Hours - Sent Tacia Victomus to scout ahead. Leon Marshall took point to guide the rest of the Strike Team to the objective.

1410 Hours to proceeding battle - Engaged Mercenaries with ambush tactics. Vail Seria and Valina Agonis took left flank, Leon Marshall and PFC Muldoon took right flank, Tacia Victomus took a sniping position to provide overwatch. Upon reaching the inner complex, Tacia Victomus disabled the Mercenaries' escape route via Kodiak and a unmanned turret emplacement. There were 6 plus able combatants armed with M-6 Avengers. All combatants were confirmed KIA. The final structure a Krogan mercenary armed with an M-7 Lancer engaged our team. It took a collaborative effort to fight back, causing the Mercenary to retreat back into the structure. Upon surrounding the building Leon Marshall and PFC Muldoon disobeyed orders to remain outside the structure. Upon advancing it was found that Leon Marshall was confronted by the Krogan in a CQB environment, grappled, and ended up with his head torn from his body. Leon Marshall's deadman's switch tripped, causing the death of the Krogan Mercenary. The Mercenary Leader attempting to escape through the rearward window was quickly surrounded by what was left of the Strike Team. After resisting to surrender, we fired upon the leader who surprisingly only ended up with flesh wounds. See medical report for final injuries upon detention. Mercenary Leader was discovered to be Jack Miller based on his armor design and unrelated injuries. Jack attempted to strangle the Corpsman (Vail Seria) treating him, to which said Corpsman swiftly kicked him to the ground and finished treating his injuries. Martin Banner arrived on scene via kodiak. Leon Marshall's remains and the detainee Jack Miller were taken back to the Constantinople, Strike Team and Martin Banner were dropped off back at the port to enjoy leave.

End Report

- (Vail Seria)

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