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Next Of Kin Letter

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Next Of Kin Letter Empty Next Of Kin Letter

Post by Revival on Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:23 am

Subject: Next Of Kin Letter

Body Message

- Naomi Octavius

To the next of kin for General Uriel Vertanos,

It is with a heavy heart that I regretfully inform you of the passing of General Vertanos. He was taken from us in order to help protect allies on the field of battle, defending those in order for others to be remaining alive against a foe that would have surly done more to harm or maim the crew he was defending - without his attempt to help the crew of the 2nd MSRC and SSV Tokyo's combatants. Their passing will not go in vain as his spirit lives on in his friends, his squad, his crew and the Alliance as a whole - for he has made a considerable impact on all members of crew he served with, Drell - Human, or otherwise throughout his long life. His remains and any personal effects will be returned at the next available opportunity. If there are any further questions, or if a schedule needs to be made with a counselor, or a Human Resources liaison, please contact your local Systems Alliance representative.

- HM Naomi Morgan Octavius

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