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HA Erika Weiss

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HA Erika Weiss Empty HA Erika Weiss

Post by deadroses on Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:51 am

Select Dossier File.

> Erika Weiss :: Erika Weiss Selected.

Loading Dossier File.

Personnel Identification Information.

Personnel Identification Image:
HA Erika Weiss CS2nU9B

Name: Erika Weiss
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 23.
Origin: Earthborn, Detroit
Ranking: HA
Identification Tag: [1376]-[4736]-[EA]


Personnel Training/Experience Information.

Training: Alliance Basic Training, Corpsman Occupational Training, Combat Deployments
Assignment: 2nd MSRC
Operational Status: Active
Previous Occupation(s): 31st Rifle Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment.
Specialization: Corpsman
Awards/Decorations: N/A
Battle/Service Record: N/A
Date Joined: 12/27/2266
Casualty Classification: N/A
Time Within Company: 1 day.


Organization Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: 2MSRC
Listed Liked Factions: Systems Alliance
Listed Disliked Factions: Pirates & Raiders
Listed Neutral Factions: N/A
Hostile Factions: Enemies of 2MSRC.

Personal Relationships.



Rila'Feela vas Tora: The engineering chief, a very friendly quarian too. She's probably one of the oldest and wisest crew-members aboard.

Vail Seria: The senior corpsman on ship, to my knowledge. A nice fellow, spoken to him a few times. Currently I have he recovers from that Liver shot he just got, yikes.


Leon Marshall: He appears really off-side, constantly talks about doing whack shit during the missions. I don't interact with him much, he seems to portray himself as the Company's Comic. A lot of people appear to be agitated by his poor jokes and antics.

Emma Thatcher: One of our Gunnys, I feel bad for her considering all that shit with her dad and mom that played out infront of us in Virmire. I've been giving her space since then.

Raik Arglack: The other Gunny, a Krogan and someone I don't really know. Seems like a pretty mean bastard, as Gunnys usually are.

Brian McFinch: Scottish guy, he's the newest on ship. "straight-boot motherfucker" as Marshall puts it.

Cor'Vek Talvoc: A Raloi Fushan Reformist, a specialist of sorts. Heavily religious, first time working with a Raloi. I don't really know him.

Stoat Muldoon: Our resident MP, usually he is stationed outside the bar. Just hope I never have a run in with him.

Wilhelm Osborne: One of our NCOs, sadly I can't say I know him too well.



Naomi Octavius: What I consider my mentor in the Corpsman unit as well as a good friend, she's knowledgeable and friendly and was one of the first people to welcome me aboard.




Personal History.

MOS: Corpsman
*Tactical Scan - Identifies a single weakness in a targeted enemy. If the corpsman targets the weakness in the next move, a +25 roll bonus is granted.
* Disperse - Disperses omnigel to all members in combat, removing one strike. Can only be used once in an engagement.
Adrenaline - Applies to the corpsman and the nearest two players (or a player the Corpsman chooses if they wish not to apply it to themselves) giving an evasive bonus of +25 on the next defensive roll.
* Fortification - Boosts shields by 50%. Must be deployed before taking damage.

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