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In the news this week: December 23rd-29th

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In the news this week: December 23rd-29th Empty In the news this week: December 23rd-29th

Post by Kravis on Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:23 am

In the news this week: December 23rd-29th B04ad45a2bf7575b12595d392f3dcac4
Unhappy Holidays

"In the news this week as presented by Caleb Marshall, A collection of smaller stories that took place throughout the week."

"On December 24th a murder was discovered on the Earth's moon, Luna. The corpse of a well-decorated marine from the Reaper War was found strangled in his apartment and appears to have been committed days before. Service Chief Draven J. Miller appeared to have been alone by himself on a cold night when someone entered his apartment unannounced and strangled him to death. Evidence shows that the apartment was not broke into. And therefore must of been opened by someone using a key. Miller did not attempt to protect himself as his home defense weapon was found unused and near where his corpse was found. At the current moment the investigation is at a stand still and new suspects are being investigated. Draven Miller has no offspring to succeed him except his son who disappeared several years ago from Luna after signing up with the Systems Alliance."


"December 25th took off to a poor start with a Christmas parade being held up by a malfunction with a parade skycar. Causing a major accident that left many wounded but thankfully none dead. The skycar was apparently attempting to pull a float behind it and underestimated the weight of the float. Causing it to take off and slam into the car in front of it. No one was killed by the driver as well as several other bystanders suffered minor injuries."


"Commander Shepard made a visit on December 26th to a Systems Alliance Veterans Affairs building in London to greet and visit with Reaper War survivors suffering from PSTD. Shepard's visit helped raise awareness about the traumas of war and to help bring ease to many veterans who served. This visit comes a month after a veteran committed suicide inside in the VA following a mental breakdown. Commander Shepard commented that "These men deserve far better than what they have now. Many of them are men and women I recognized during the final push. To see them here today speaks volumes of how strong they are." Following Shepard's visit was a brief sighting between Shepard and a old friend of his, General Vega."
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