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Citadel Equipment Request #1

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Citadel Equipment Request #1 Empty Citadel Equipment Request #1

Post by Vasiil on Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:37 pm

To:Citadel Spectre Armory and Equipment Depot
Subject: Equipment Request

I have several equipment requisitions to make. I will make them all in this one email.

X4 Omnishielded Power Pylons - Can be ordered from most armor companies. These pylons are able to channel energy through them that run omnishields. Usually mounted on all four limbs, fully powered, are much more powerful than regular tech armor. Must be powered by an external source mounted on a suit.

X4 Arc Omnishielded Power Pylons - Same application of the regular power pylons but shoulder mounted. Distributes power to shoulder cannons, shields and regulates power.

X2 Thruster Packs - Thrusters to be mounted on back portion of calf armor. Capable of flight and/or increased mobility.

X2 Spinal Mounted Mini Thrusters - Uses energy and fuel running through the main suit of armor. Capable of making adjustments, improvements, etc... of the wearers movement. Primarily used for evading.

X2 Swivelling Shoulder Mounted Dual Cannon Mounts and Cannons - A total of four cannons, two for each shoulder. One of these cannons needs to have a miniature Thanix energy projector integrated into it. The rest will be chambered in regular cannon caliber.

AI Fragment Carrier - A device I developed myself, it should be archived in my personal storage, unless you sold it when you thought I was dead. I need it modified with an up to date carrier matrix for the AI, this should make a lot of space in internal space. I need an H-Fuel backup energy cell installed as well as a miniature dark energy catalyst. This materials blueprint was recovered on Tungel and I've been authorized to utilize it. The rest of it needs to be replaced with up to date relays as well as the most up to date SOP system for our AI to utilize. Lastly, there should be enough space for an array of Shoulder Mounted Cannon shot and an additional Omnigel reserve.

Internal Systems, Armor Framework and HUD systems of a standard human combat helmet.
10 Pounds of Palladium
5 Pounds of Palladium
4 Pounds of Gysium(Natural conductive metal found on Anhur, you can find this easily at a market if you need help inquire with Sirta Foundation.)

Standard Package, Salarian Medical Supplies.

- Martin Banner

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