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A personal thanks

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A personal thanks Empty A personal thanks

Post by Vasiil on Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:19 pm
Subject: A personal thanks

Greetings, Commander Wolff. I am Gidon Bolos, CEO of Sigent-Bolos Robotics Corporation and Supreme Court Justice of the Confederacy Courts. It has come to my attention that the Blue Suns attack on my research base on Aiea's moon was stopped by you. I Would like to thank you for saving countless credits of nanotechnology research and nanomachines themselves totalling millions if not billions of credits. Doctor Chadnay has told me all I needed to know and I am prepared to send you a sum of 250,000 credits as thanks to you and your crew.

I have also prepared several injectors of the anti Inusannon nanomachines for your continued use. Your enemies can be counted as ours as it was him that hired the Suns to attack my base. The new injectors are on our citadel headquarters and await your arrival to be delivered to you. Doctor Chadnay tells me the Inusannon cells have begun to change in reaction to our machines. Be wary and don't stop being lethal, I project our relationship will continue to be mutually beneficial and with any hope, lucrative.

-Gidon Bolos, CEO

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