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Post by Vasiil on Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:32 pm

Stored on company net to be sent when the jamming stops

To My Dear Wife, Rosalee and my two sons Liam and Sam. I left you and Anhur in good hands with Gabriel, I ask that you listen to him and work with him, everything he said was right. What I did was sinful and wrong and I led the whole of our people into it with me. I know you’ve been explained that the actions were not my own, that I was forced to do those things against my will.

Despite the fact, I still have to make this right myself. I could have died two years ago but I was saved by the good part of the galaxy that’s still worth saving. I’m sorry I can’t come home, I need to see this through, I need not pass this problem on to the next generation. You know what I am about to do is dangerous.

Even though my grand actions were not my own, please realize that who I was on Anhur before I left you was still me. What I did and said for you all was still me, don’t ever forget that. Don’t ever forget that I love you and miss you greatly. Boys, take care of your mother and our people for me in the face of this occupation. I once told you the hardest battles are the ones you have to sit out of, you will realize that now and it will make you into better people.

I’m proud to have raised a family of my own, to have passed on my legacy. I fought long and hard for our future and now I have to do it again, just one more time. I go now on my mission with all of you in my heart, never forget that.

With Love, Martin Banner, Husband and Father.


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