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Shooting leaves thirty two dead in Zermina's Hope

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Shooting leaves thirty two dead in Zermina's Hope Empty Shooting leaves thirty two dead in Zermina's Hope

Post by Scout on Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:59 am


Shooting leaves thirty two dead in Zermina's Hope Adam-varkonyi-scificrimescene-screenshot-01

BREAKING - On the mixed colony world of Zermina's Hope, a nightclub was attacked by an unknown gunman. Eyewitness reports say one man entered the night club around 2100 and began to fire into the crowd, killing almost all of the club goers. All survivors of the attacks were human, and all victims of the attack were non-humans. The current survivors are still recovering at a nearby hospital, and their identities have been kept a secret for their own safety. Police and investigators are working tirelessly to find the gunman, who somehow escaped the club and left little to no trace behind. 

Police have warned the public to look for suspicious, humanoid figures in town. They believe the gunman to stand somewhere around six feet tall, possess an arsenal of personal weaponry, and inhibit a powerful build.

A list of the victims can be found below.

Ghotin Dhaf'cochar - Batarian Male, 27
Dhomak Kher'gabar - Batarian Male, 29
Khopor Cran'narr - Batarian Male, 23
Huril Keot - Drell Male, 24
Wrandok Kigar - Krogan Male, 424
Druksar Zrayak - Krogan Male, 502
Bak Prurnu - Krogan Female, 399
Menna'Zaerrel nar Xeelazi - Quarian Female, 28
Cino'Nurrel nar Henna - Quarian Female, 29
Laela'Losal nar Shunbay - Quarian Female, 30
Homm'Senis nar Maavo - Quarian Male, 32
Wel'Tur vas Faedoruk - Quarian Male, 26
Serpius Sancnian - Turian Male, 37
Tebius Acacus - Turian Male, 25
Oppiso Belldos - Turian Male, 34
Aulvus Moladus - Turian Male, 33
Jupius Flodros - Turian Male, 19
Druslio Murmus - Turian Male, 20
Lucso Bruril - Turian Male, 19
Laepia Canrinus - Turian Female, 19
Siltilia Egnagius - Turian Female, 20
Qucidia Trenilin - Turian Female, 32
Cicecia Palition - Turian Female, 26
Caecipilia Victodas - Turian Female, 22
Vosin Ulben - Salarian Male, 17
Cabort Godril - Salarian Male, 22
Ilaw Faeban - Salarian Male - 18
Sul'shamey Prava - Asari, 632
Talyx Jannudri - Asari, 192
Jiryir Gaeri - Asari, 228
Amassthea D'ronesan - Asari, 567
'Tyler Jr'  - Vorcha Male, 19

This story will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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